Three Men in a Boat - Kindle Free

Three Men in a Boat - Kindle Free

Found 14th Mar
There is a peaceful sense in these books .
many may have studied ws Kafka or thoreaux
or Keller the hbr books on a masters business course

give yourself self a break ...smell the magic
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Very old but still funny.
I loved this book, some sections are little masterpieces of comic writing. It has never been out of print. Tried to follow the route from Kingston up the Thames in a rowing boat with my dog and a friend when I was 18. The river hasn't changed hugely as large stretches are footpaths/deer parks etc and apparently all the pubs mentioned are still open today but camping on the riverbank not quite so easy (thrown of a lock lawn first thing in the morning by a bemused lock keeper and nearly arrested when we slept in a bush in Staines!). Took about a week to get to Henley and it rained and we got fed up, decided Oxford was too far so called mum to pick us up!
There is a small philosophical section in the book about not loading up the boat of life with too much stuff which I have been trying to follow with mixed success...!
There is a nice summary on wikipedia…oat
I read this a few years back and it remains a favourite. Had me laughing out loud. I think I'm due a re-read, so thanks 😁
thank you
Could do with a laugh. Thanks.
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