Three Mills Reserve Red Wine 75cl - £3.99 @ B&M

Three Mills Reserve Red Wine 75cl - £3.99 @ B&M

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3for£10 Three Mills Reserve Red Wine.

Juicy & smooth.

Three Mills Reserve is delicious enjoyed on its own or with a wide range of meals.
White and Rose @ same price
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Like the Rose and white Three Mills do but not so keen on the red!Good price thogh as gone up a bit in Asda last time i went!
Absolute garbage I'm afraid. 'British' wine made from concentrate. Not even cheap considering the quality. Sure it's pretty low alcohol as well!
i like them all (hick)
Shocking wine
Hardly a deal though, £3.18 a bottle in asda…lls
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Terrible, terrible 'wine.' We bought some once by mistake and it was vile. You'd be better off with a bottle of meths.
Heres a review that sums it up
Juicy and Smooth !? This wine is indeed juicy and smooth, as the label states. But then again, Ribena is also juicy and smooth, and is a whole lot tastier and no doubt better for you than this rot. Sweet and sickly - bears no resemblance to wine at all.
Have to agree with ALL above - it really is awful (the white and rose no better) - wasn't any good for cooking either
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