Three Pack Of Cotton Farah Socks, £2.50 @ Everything5Pounds + £3.95 P&P (But Codes Available)

Three Pack Of Cotton Farah Socks, £2.50 @ Everything5Pounds + £3.95 P&P (But Codes Available)

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These socks are now £2.50 for a Three Pack, and are Farah branded (and the real thing) as I've bought them previously when they were £5 - see my photos on Post #1.

95% Cotton, 5% Elastane, UK Size 7-11
2782769.jpgP&P is £3.95 (and goes up by weight of parcel) but there are codes available - you can get £5 off by the Share With A Friend code mentioned on their Facebook page…ds/ (see Visitors Posts on the right-hand side)

or use promo codes (you usually have to sign in first):

FREEBIEMSE ("once per user to get one free item from the promotional category only.")
Promo Category:…ems
MSEGIFT (also for a free item from the promo category)
5HANKA 5% off
ZOEFIVE 5% off (confirmed working, tried it myself!)
Edit: MSE5 5% off/free delivery (?) is another I've seen mentioned (can only use it once)

An alternative pack of Farah socks (more dressy style), but at £5 for a Three Pack, are these:…ion
2782769.jpgThe Menswear £2.50 Back To Work Sale is here:…ear (the Mens' £2.50 selection is a bit rubbish)

All £2.50 Mens' socks here:…ear
(HUKD mangles the link somehow, but if you Filter "UK 7" and "UK 10-13" on the left-hand side, the £2.50 socks' options come up)

But the "full price" £5 Mens' selection is here, and has some gems:…ens

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Here are the Farah socks "in reality" as I have a few put away as gifts (purchased from

Clicky to make them bigger:
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I'll add a few Mens' items to help you fill up your Basket (assuming you want to, of course) If you're unsure what sizes to buy, go by what the model's wearing, where mentioned, in the description.

As I've already commented in a few HUKD threads - sorry if I'm telling you stuff you know already - this bomber jacket is New Look, (Camel, sizes XS-XL in stock), at £5:…309
31903509-eCfm5.jpgAlso in Charcoal in size XS.

Pack of 3 Round Neck Tees, (sizes S-2XL), Navy/Orange/Royal Blue, £5:…284
31903509-xGGUs.jpgAnother 3 Pack Of Tees (sizes S-XL), Grey/Yellow/Forest Green, £5:…598
31903509-XqBBx.jpgNot sure who makes this, but this is a nice slim fit V-Neck Knitted Sweater (in Dark Grey, Ash, Light Brown, Olive, Middle Blue), £5:…855
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One for the Trekkers - I keep saying Trekkies, and get corrected - (S/M/L in Blue, Red and Black limited sizes), £5:…084
31903543-dHWrT.jpgBuy this for someone you hate!! Sizes S-XL, £5:…661
31903543-u3U2E.jpgPack Of 3 Elastic Band Boxer Briefs, Sizes M-XXL, £5:…069
31903543-psG0m.jpg"Top-end High Street Store" (?) Middle Blue Casual Trousers, 30 or 31" Waist, £5:…648
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"Well-known company" Sand Linen Trousers, 30, 31, 32", £5:…983
31903559-tejMm.jpg(Actually, found those trousers ^^ here, they're from Zara, and cropped):…574

Mens Flat Cap Hat 57 or 58cm, £5:…347
More Mens' Hats are here:…ats

Mens' Ascot Hat, 57cm, Dark Brown, this is actually £2.50, not many left:…348
31903559-zjOVG.jpg"Very Well-known High Street Brand" alas only in Small - Cotton Short Sleeve Shirt, £5:…327
31903559-jZVdU.jpg"Well-known High Street Men's Shop", smaller sizes though (Red/White, pictured, goes up to M), Blue/White, Navy/White, Teal/White, Short Sleeve Grid Print Shirt, £5:…820
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"Well Known Retailer" Dark Blue Printed Trousers, 30 or 31", £5:…984
31903657-W1eCb.jpg(These are all over ebay it seems - the brand is Zara, same style as the Sand Linen trousers above:…389)

Sport Grey T-shirt XS, L, XXL, £5:…087
31903657-ZbVq0.jpgCheck Grid Casual Shirt, Beige/Multi, sizes S-XL, £5:…008
31903657-SbjFz.jpgWhite Casual Linen Shorts 30, 31", (suspect these are Zara as well, as one review says '"Z" make', £5:…991
31903657-MxCza.jpgPack Of 2 Basic Vest Tops, Black/Grey - 2XL/3XL/4XL, White - L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, these are £2.50:…216
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Skinny Fit Mens Trousers ("High Street Shop") Grey - W30 in Lengths 30, 32, 34, W32 in Lengths 32, 34. Plum - W30 in Lengths 30, 34 - £5:…391
31903661-y8YeZ.jpgSlim Cargo Mens Trousers, Navy - W28S, 28R, 30S, 30R, 32S, 34S, 36S - £5:…665
31903661-dc14C.jpgWhite Checked Cotton Shirt, Small or Medium, £5:…205
31903661-dWVe8.jpgPack Of 6 Cotton Socks, Grey, White or Black (UK 10-13), these are £2.50:…932
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Cool, where are the codes ?
The models look like guys I wouldn't get tired of kicking but the clothes look great on ME! Esp the socks! Great value and quality's pretty good too.
louiselouise6th Sep

Not sure who makes this, but this is a nice slim fit V-Neck Knitted …Not sure who makes this, but this is a nice slim fit V-Neck Knitted Sweater (in Dark Grey, Ash, Light Brown, Olive, Middle Blue), £5: [Image]

This jumper came through yesterday morning - it's "Atlantic Bay" - which is a BHS brand (yes, I know they're now defunct, but at least they're pretty decent).
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The £2.50 Promo seems to be over today, so, Expired
Just a FYI - the Grey, Green, Blue more "formal" Farah socks are £2.50 now (maybe e5p are reducing different ranges here and there and this is an ongoing promo):…278
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