Three PC Games for £9 at Power Play Direct
Three PC Games for £9 at Power Play Direct

Three PC Games for £9 at Power Play Direct

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Powerplaydirect.com are offering a special Multibuy offer of 3 PC titles for just £9.

Not quite as good as PS3 / XBox etc etc etc, but might be of use to someone


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Thanks - one of my first deals found is cold with no reason why - i obviously aint cut out for this!!

i thought it was good voted hot!

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i thought it was good voted hot!


dosent deserve to be cold, hot from me, thanks

Added some heat for you:)

There are some good games to be had for this deal,Caesar 3,Pharoah,Thief 1+2,Zeus,Longest Journey,Zoo Tycoon,Vegas:make it big,Neverwinter Nights........and quite a few more.

They may be a bit older,does not stop 'em being good games!

Not the greatest games around, but pretty good for 3 quid each, i'll heat it up a bit


Thanks - one of my first deals found is cold with no reason why - i … Thanks - one of my first deals found is cold with no reason why - i obviously aint cut out for this!!

Stick with it Kirsty.
On the plus side there is fairly wide range of titles & £9 for 3 games isn't too steep.
Unfortunately, on the negative side most of the games retailers have ongoing 3 for a tenner offers...it's a quid more but these sometimes include NON budget titles...just about all of Powerplay's titles were budget that if you shop around (& include ebay) can be picked up for the £1-3 or £4 mark.
These budget titles are also usually getting on a bit so there are already a fair amount knocking about for a few quid secondhand.
You won't get praise & glory for every post, but it's always worth posting offers like this because even if you only benefit one person you've done something worthwhile!!!

4% cashback if you go via Quidco too

Thanks - how can there be a problem with this?

Thanks. Just ordered Dungeon Keeper 2, as I loved the original but never got around to playing the second one.

If you like shooters and are bored waiting for STALKER then get...

IRONSTORM - vastly underrated WW2 shooter, not perfect, but stick with it - its fun!
SPEC OPS - flawed classic
KINGPIN - classic, gritty stuff

Alternatives are Project IGI (a little boring), Tribes 2 (rated by some, not me), Soldier of Fortune (if you haven't played it before and like blood).


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Thanks guys - now feel alot better about my wee post - ill stick in there and may find some better stuff in the future!


Thanks for your post Kirsty You're on the front page! :thumbsup:

great find hubby will love this

There are still some very good games in there. Old-timers like Neverwinter Nights, the Command & Conquer games, Freedom Force, Celtic Kings, Shogun Total war, Ground Control were all well rated in their time and still stand their corner gameplay-wise, if perhaps not so much graphically by today's standards.

A good but not super amazing deal. Of the retailers online doing similar deal for 3 for 10 pound or below, this is the best one as it a pound cheaper than anyone else and more importantly there is more choice. Out of the games listed these are the ones i recommend:

Worm 3d - later games have not improved on this version, so this is still probable the version to have.

Tomb Raider 1 & 2 - Still consider two of the better tomb raider games

Freedom Force - a game which got very high score average of 89% on game ratio which takes the average score of many game review websites

Commandos 1, 2, 3 - Deep and hard strategy games which are you get your money worth, the last mission alone for commandos 2 took longer than a lot of short lengthen games.

Dungeon Siege &
Neverwinter Nights - two very popular rpg when released in there day.

The deal quite popular as two of the three games i order are no longer on there theme hospital & dreamfall. There also use to be 6 pages of games and now in matter of a day there only 4, so hurry, hurry, hurry.
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