three sim only- 200mins 2gb - £108 pa

three sim only- 200mins 2gb - £108 pa

Found 27th Aug 2016
i know theres a lot of these knocking about but this ones good for light users/if you can trust your kids on a contract.

200 minutes, AYCE texts, 2Gb data @£9pm on the essential plan.


-£50 amazon voucher

-£30 quidco

=£28 total

effective monthly cost £2.33


No tethering and you can't use your allowance abroad on essential plan

Voted cold for the username...

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whats wrong with the username

Effectively you can get 5 of these and have 10Gb of data a month for just over a tenner! and imagine, 5xAYCE texts.
Good find possibly, but kids nowadays will use easily 5-10Gb/month, these deals now are good for grandpa!
No offence intended to anyone, just venting my frustration for the price of mobile internet generally in this market, specially on a network of such quality of service.
In some countries in Europe for 10 euros you can get a payg simcard and you get 15Gb of data, with thousands of minutes locally, and hundreds and hundreds of minutes to call landlines all around Europe, or even mobiles in Europe!
When is this rip off ever going to stop?
Not voted either way, I suppose I should find it warm due to the final/bottom line price, but before you get to that bottom line price, you'd probably spend a lot of time and effort.
Why can't all these deals be just simply £2.33/month to start with? Simples! the rest they can shove it where we all know.


whats wrong with the username

​I don't anyone should call themselves 'Wacky on a public forum'
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