Three Sim Only Deal 30gb Data Unlimited Mins/Texts (£15 retention deal) 12 months - £180

Three Sim Only Deal 30gb Data Unlimited Mins/Texts (£15 retention deal) 12 months - £180

Found 5th Aug 2017
Someone posted about this same bundle but you have to claim cashback

My mate was wanting an upgrade so he asked retentions at 3 and they offered him

30gb 4g Data

Unlimited minutes

Unlimited Texts

All for £15 which is great
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I rang earlier this week and they offered me bugger all.
How does £15/month make £450 a year???
Doesn't even have have to be retentions. Can just go on live chat, complain and they'll give it to you for £12/13

Not sure about the unlimited mins one though. I got the 600mins one for £12
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How do you know if you're speaking with retentions? I followed the options to leave and still they talked as if I was going to upgrade and offered me the basic prices on their site.
If if I log in to my account online it offers me £2 off each of their tariffs which is still better than nothing.
I rang to get my pac yesterday and didn't get offered anything at all.
Will have to switch to a payg sim and come back to get better offers
I'm on unlimited data and texts and 200 mins for £17. Been on it for years though, don't think they do this any more.
popoyaya12 h, 37 m ago

How does £15/month make £450 a year???

I didn't edit that in should be £180
Called 3 times over the past week, and the retentions team did't have any deals whatsoever to offer. Kept referring to the prices on the website and saying they had no authority to change the prices. I cancelled my contract and took out a new one with £60 cash back and £12 a month for 600 mins, unlimited texts and 8GB Data.
Called retentions and they've put me on essential plan, 4gb, unlimited calls and texts £10pm 30 day contract. Tried online chat to get this but my contract doesn't start til 12th Aug so got to wait until then. Will post again with an update
Im on three unlimited everything + 30GB hotspot £23 30 day rolling
I got 600 minutes unlimited text and data for 23 thats a 3 discount for existing sim
or 18 for unlimited calls text and 30gb data.
when I said Im on that 32gb 14.50 rolling deal from EE
he said EE slow you down after 8 or 9 gig.
unfortunately Ive streamed upto 24gb last month and had no problems.
They are going like Sky inertia selling bundling stuff you dont want
Looks like im with EE for the forseeable future then.
Interestic to see if EE 14.50 deal comes up again this month its due now.
Called them up earlier and they wouldn't offer any advanced plans any better than what their own site is charging (such as website 10 for 4gb advanced, they offered 12 quid). They did offer this for 15 but it's the essential plan not advanced, so properly useful to note in the original post.
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