Three Whittards Hot Chocolates for £7.48 delivered / £6.25 delivered
Three Whittards Hot Chocolates for £7.48 delivered / £6.25 delivered

Three Whittards Hot Chocolates for £7.48 delivered / £6.25 delivered

Any flavours - can also use it for instant teas on the site.

Now coming up at £6.25 delivered for 3 ! See post 9 - thanks to jpr for confirming.

Credit to Ella and Rahsykins on mse and here for the tip and codes.

Hot Choc and Instant Tea tins currently on 3 for 2. Usually £5 each.

Use code WC24P

The 25% off code and free delivery means you can get 3 for £7.48 delivered.

I just got 3 hot chocolates for £7.48 - but great for the tea too. You maybe lucky and get then for £6.25 - seems they have charged different rates for some.

To get three for £6.25 you need to add two of one and a different third, and they need to be all tea or all chocolate.
- tekhieboy


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And the 25% and free delivery code is??????


And the 25% and free delivery code is??????

Look at the bottom of each thread, it states any possible codes.

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And the 25% and free delivery code is??????

Use code WC24P X)

I cannot see why this is cold when its a great offer. I love Whittards tea but don't have it often because of the price. Have just ordered £45.00 worth of tea, 9 different types for £20.00 inc free delivery. GREAT OFFER.

Thank you - great offer -

I told my boyfriend about this when the voucher was first posted to tell his Mum,she ordered quite a few at this bargain price and they have been despatched

Great deal - looking forward to my luxury hot chocolate.

With my order they took the 25% off the original £15. Then took the £5 off making the order for 3 Hot Chocolates £6.25.

Tea come out at £6.25 for three delivered! Great Deal when they are supposed to be £5 each.

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thanks everyone X)

We'll all be sitting there with our posh chocolate on the same night - supping and lookingf or deals X)

looks like you need at least two of one kind and then any other to make up the third to get them for £6.25

Brill thankyou

brilliant find, thats my kids sorted for a few months (and me!)

cheers op

Thanks, 3 for £6.24 inc.

Thanks for the deal but does anybody know how many teaspoons you need to make a drink. As I have got some CO-OP fair-trade luxury hot chocolate that uses two teaspoons and some normal CO-OP hot chocolate that uses four. Thank you in advance.

I love Whittard's hot choc. But if the rest of my family know it's in the cupboard, they'll 'av it.

And possible 10% Quidco - may not get as using code but it worked for me.
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