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Posted 1 February 2023

Thrustmaster T128 Racing Wheel For Xbox & PC / PS5, PS4 & PC £129.99 + Free Click & Collect @ Argos

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Your first feel of racing with the Thrustmaster T128 racing wheel for Xbox and PC. Velocity modern wheel rim design featuring 13 buttons: perfect for all types of racing simulation lightweight wheel rim, taking advantage of all the Force Feedback system's power Dynamic Force Feedback: renders fun, intuitive racing sensations (the road or track's surface feel, loss of tire grip, bumps and impacts, the vehicle's weight) in different types of vehicle-oriented games (F1, GT, rally, trucks, farming).

2-pedal pedal set featuring frictionless H. E. A. R. T magnetic sensors with no potentiometers, for enhanced precision that won't decrease over time.

Modern, versatile wheel rim design, featuring engine speed LEDs. 270 to 900 degree rotation: automatically adjusts according to the vehicle being used in the game.

Compatible with both Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One compatible with PC (Windows 10, 11).

  • Xbox one compatible.
  • Xbox series X and S compatible.
  • PC compatible.
  • Wired.
  • Steering wheel diameter 26cm.

General information:

  • Manufacturer's 1 year guarantee.
  • EAN: 3362934403485.
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  1. farmphdbank's avatar
    The wheel/drive itself has good reviews but apparently the pedals plasticky and physically smaller than t248 / g923. I'm tempted as a newbie sim racer. I want to learn the Nordschleife to prepare for my anticipated midlife crisis
    Edit: bought.
    Don't forget the £5 off from hotukdeals.com/vou…737 (with your.usual+argos@gmail.com address )

    Edit2: it arrived today and I'll unbox after dinner then post a review ASAP it's my first wheel though so can't offer any useful comparison against logitech G or thrustmaster t248 etc though

    Edit3: I've probably done 10 hours on it now (had today off work haha). The steering wheel itself feels decent enough for me as a newbie. However, it is physically smaller than I expected and certainly smaller than a normal car.

    The pedals aren't great:
    1. light weight so need to be secured. I have just put my PC behind them for now but there are holes so you can them to a better base (which is what I'll do).
    2. brake doesn't have a progressive feel (there is modulation but it doesn't get harder near the bottom as a real brake pedal would)
    3. pedals seem close together, especially for people with big feet (I am only size 10.5)

    Anyway it's better than using an Xbox controller. I just did Touristenfahrten in 7:46 with an Audi TT Cup. I am getting to know the track quite well already. I haven't connected up to the Sony A80J OLED yet.. hopefully I'll have that setup before Forza Motorsport comes out! (edited)
  2. Joe.Totale's avatar
    Amazon price match £129.99
  3. Liang's avatar
    Is this good for ps vr2 playing gt7?
    StevieW0nder's avatar
    Will be but have you tried out the motion steering with controller? It's a revelation imo
  4. farmphdbank's avatar
    Still pleased with the wheel but not getting on with the pedals. Will make them last till the weather gets nice (when I'll spend more time outdoors) and then replace for next winter I think. Enjoying it on the A80J! Touristfahrten time sub 7 mins now (BMW M3 GT2).

    Edit1: I got the HOMCOM desk that was posted in a HUKD deal recently. Another pedal irritation is that the cable isn't quite long enough to go over the back of the desk. So I have routed it under the front (cable table tied to bolt in centre of desk) to avoid it hitting my knees.

    49535217-TJW4h.jpg (edited)
  5. Jdotr247's avatar
    Stupid questio , but can you use the steering wheel on it's own?? So you use the buttons on the steering wheel to control the speed?
    farmphdbank's avatar
    I guess you could do some mapping for that (depending on the game perhaps you can use the +/- paddles as throttle plus/minus for example). However, I think the experience would not be optimal.

    If you have unfortunately lost the use of limbs I would be looking at adding some kind of hand throttle to the wheel. The force on this wheel isn't massive (I have done relaxed practice laps one-handed while sipping coffee). So for KISS you could clamp the pedals on your desk next to the wheel and use one hand for the wheel and the other for pedals?

    Edit: pretty sure I saw Assetto Corsa has a one pedal mode (in which only the accelerator pedal is used- "up" means brakes are applied fully, depressed to the middle means coasting and "down" further means accelerate). (edited)
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