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Posted 27 November 2022

Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas 4 Joystick - £34.99 With Code Click & Collect + 6 months Apple TV (New or Returning Members) @ Currys

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Even better by yet another fiver. With the Apple promo on top, this looks great on the budget end. I mean... even without it's pretty nice.

I posted it a couple of weeks ago at £44.99, which seemed to go down well


Also get 6 months of Apple TV+ for free (New or returning customers)

Get 6 months Apple TV+ Free
Plus up to 3 months free Apple Music, Apple News+, Apple Fitness+, Apple Arcade. New/returning customers only. Cannot have already redeemed Apple service from Currys group. Standard monthly price starts after trial unless cancelled. Click here for more information.

Ergonomically designed to imitate fighter aircraft controls, the Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas 4 Joystick & Throttle adapts to all types of flights, whether that's aerial combat or a space adventure.

To make the game even more realistic, you can make tiny adjustments to the controls. Add resistance, change the tilting lever, or rotate the handle. It's completely up to you. The weighted base keeps it stable while you're flying high and shooting down the baddies.

It's entirely programmable with 12 buttons, 5 axles and PS4 system buttons for your optimized PS4 flight experience. So you're ready to take to the skies.

Number of buttons
  • 12 buttons
  • 5 axles
  • 1 trigger
  • 1 multidirectional hat switch

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Currys More details at Currys

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    Team, I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago as they were £45 they have now come down to £35 and I can tell you why. A lot of people like myself have returned then because the throttle is very loose and floppy and you don't get any real feel to throttle position apart from the middle detent. There are modifications you can do yourself to make it a bit better so at 3499 it's a good deal if you include modifying it yourself.
    Received this the other day. Joystick pressure feels pretty good though the adjuster doesn't seem to do much. button feel isn't ideal but perfectly fine. However the throttle as reviews suggested was pathetically weak to the point where it'd move forwards and backwards of its own accord with a slight movement of the baseplate. Also has a groove built into the mechanism so the throttle stops and sticks at zero and especially with the loose feel it was appalling. After reading mistachicken's comment about modifications and a brief Google, I took it apart and spent an hour fiddling with it at which point now it feels pretty good.
    Here's a 5min video detailing how I did it:

    Hope it helps someone else who has bought this because in my opinion the throttle is completely unusuable how it arrived. (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Just snagged! For anyone interested Ace combat 7 is currently 6.99 on PS Store

    Was watching a bit of that game on YouTube lastnight, looked great.
    Only a short VR experience, but at that price I might go for it
  3. Avatar
    Currently £25 on eBay via box. Currys not price matching unfortunately as I've already bought. Cba returing now so loat a tenner!
    really? cant seem to find it at that price there - you mind sharing a link?
  4. Avatar
    Always wanted this to play Star Wars Squadrons!

    At this price I think I'll have to bite - whether it had the Apple promo or not!

    I'm thinking the same after picking up Squadrons free on Epic, but reviews seem a bit mixed in terms of the lack of throttle resistance, axis drifting or build quality. But I guess at £35 with 2 year warranty worth the risk?
  5. Avatar
    We still have our trusty old Thrustmaster T.Flight HotasX, they do build them to last.
    Good price for the newer one.
    Mines 15 years old
  6. Avatar
    With a name like that, should this not be sold on Love Honey?
    Found the Thrustmaster joke.
  7. Avatar
    Good price but need the Xbox series a version 
  8. Avatar
    Anyone use it msfs?
    Yep it’s perfect
  9. Avatar
    People still play battlefield 2?
    Heck yeah. Check out the server list.
  10. Avatar
    Can anyone recommend one for a ps5 please?
  11. Avatar
    Any recommendations for a lefty who used to use a a Cyborg Evo? I’ll use it on Battlefield on PC and similar games. Maybe MFS as well on Xbox
  12. Avatar
    I have one of these, they're brilliant. Not actually that many games that need it these days - I mainly use it for Squadrons and MS Flight Sim, but when you have a game that needs a flight stick a mouse or joypad is just rubbish in comparison.
  13. Avatar
    Xbox one is for £44 on box.com

    This one is not fit for Xbox; correct? (edited)
  14. Avatar
    Really good flight stick especially for that price, i had one for ages and was rock solid - plug and play with MFS
  15. Avatar
    Looks like a great deal! Got this along with a recent laptop offer, looking forward to being a spaceship commander again
  16. Avatar
    Where's the apple promo?