Thunderbirds Complete Series Digistack--9-Disc Box Set 32 episodes + bonus dvd £28.47 delivered @ Amazon
Thunderbirds Complete Series Digistack--9-Disc Box Set 32 episodes + bonus dvd £28.47 delivered @ Amazon

Thunderbirds Complete Series Digistack--9-Disc Box Set 32 episodes + bonus dvd £28.47 delivered @ Amazon

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"Filmed in VIDECOLOR [explosions, drum roll, music builds to a climax] and SUPERMARIONATION"! The opening sequence of Thunderbirds is itself a masterclass in Gerry Anderson's marionette hyperbole: who else would dare to make a virtue out of the fact that (a) the show is in colour and (b) it's got puppets in it? But everything about this series really is epic: Thunderbirds is action on the grandest scale, pre-dating such high-concept Hollywood vehicles as Armaggedon by 30 years and more (the acting is better, too), and fetishising gadgets in a way that even the most excessive Bond movies could never hope to rival. Unsurprisingly, it transpires that the visual effects are by Derek Meddings, whose later contributions to Bond movies like The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker echo his pioneering model work here.

As to the characters, the clean-cut Tracey boys take second place in the audiences' affections to their cool machines--the real stars of the show--while comic relief is to be found in the charming company of Lady Penelope and her pink Rolls (number plate FAB1), driven by lugubrious chauffeur Parker, whose "Yes, milady" catch phrase resonated around school playgrounds for decades. (Spare a thought for poor old John Tracey, stuck up in space on Thunderbird 5 with only the radio for company.) The puppet stunt-work is breathtakingly audacious, and every week's death-defying escapade is nail-bitingly choreographed in the very best tradition of disaster movies. First shown in 1964 and now digitally remastered, Thunderbirds is children's TV that still looks and sounds like big-budget Hollywood.

In this box set: all 32 episodes on eight discs, plus a bonus DVD featuring "The Thunderbirds Companion", an action-packed compilation which features the very best Thunderbirds rescues and scenes and tells the whole story behind Gerry Anderson's legendary action adventure series. Includes behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with Gerry Anderson, David Graham (the voice of Parker, Brains and Kyrano), Thunderbirds directors Alan Patillo and Bob Bell, and puppeteer John Blundall. --Mark Walker

Special Features
- Tracy Island FAB Fact file - Gerry Anderson FAB Fact file - Machines FAB Fact file - Characters FAB Fact file - Printable CD Rom Thunderbird 1 Cross Section - Printable CD Rom FAB 1 & FAB 2 - Printable CD Rom Thunderbird 2 Cross section - Printable CD Rom Tracy Island Illustration - Thunderbirds: The Characters Featurette - Thunderbirds: The Machines Featurette - Thunderbirds: Lady Penelope & Parker Featurette - Quiz Your Brains With Hidden Bonus - F.A.B Fact File - Making Of Featurette (3 Mins) - Printable CD Rom Thunderbird 3 Cross Section - Original Brochure Artwork - Original Memorabilia Section - Two Original TV Commercials - Printable CD Rom Thunderbird 4 Cross Section - Original Thunderbirds Spec Sheets Artwork - Printable CD Rom Thunderbird 5 Cross Section - Thunderbirds: The Secrets Featurette - Printable CD Rom F.A.B Mansion Cross Section

Trapped In The Sky
Pit Of Peril
The Perils Of Penelope
Terror In New York City
Edge Of Impact
Day Of Disaster
30 Minutes After Noon
Desperate Intruder
End Of The Road
The Uninvited
Sun Probe
Operation Crash-Dive
Vault Of Death
The Mighty Atom
City Of Fire
The Impostors
The Man From MI.5
Cry Wolf
Danger At Ocean Deep
Move And You're Dead
The Duchess Assignment
Brink Of Disaster
Attack Of The Alligators!
Martian Invasion
The Cham Cham
Security Hazard
Atlantic Inferno
Path Of Destruction
Alias Mr Hackenbacker
Lord Parker's 'Oliday
Give Or Take A Million.


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Bargain price for one of the best TV shows ever!
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