Thunderbirds Corgi Diecast Toys £9.99 @ Hawkins Bazaar

Thunderbirds Corgi Diecast Toys £9.99 @ Hawkins Bazaar

Found 12th Dec 2016
Also received 5% discount code when I hovered my mouse over the X to close the browser window.

Free shipping with order over £40.

Also available TB1 and TB3:…tb3

And FAB1:…b-1

The real muscle of International Rescue was always Thunderbird 2 with its ingenious pod delivery system that was used to transport heavy equipment to where it was needed. This includes the fully submersible Thunderbird 4, whose pod would be dropped mid-flight into the sea so that the door could open and the little yellow sub could launch. Corgi has produced this fantastic pair of diecast models, with Thunderbird 2 being able to drop pods or prop itself up on four legs to lower them onto the ground. The pod included can be loaded with Thunderbird 4 which is primed for its next underwater mission.

Pair of Corgi Thunderbirds models
Corgi set CC00802
Thunderbird 2 and Thunderbird 4
Highly detailed
Perfect for collectors and classic TV fans
Thunderbird 2 15cm long
Thunderbird 4 4cm long

Blast into action with the two rocket craft that operate under International Rescue's fleet of impressive Thunderbirds. Thunderbird 1 is a fast response rocket that's usually first on the scene and piloted by Scott Tracy, whereas Alan Tracy's Thunderbird 3 is essential for space rescue missions and maintaining the systems of Thunderbird 5. Both diecast models in this double pack from Corgi (CC00901) are beautifully detailed and a near-perfect replica of the vehicles as they are seen in the classic TV series, complete with Thunderbird 1's iconic opening wings.

Pair of Corgi Thunderbirds models
Corgi set CC00901
Thunderbird 1 and Thunderbird 3
Highly detailed
Perfect for collectors and classic TV fans
Thunderbird 1 9.5cm tall
Thunderbird 3 10.5cm tall
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first glimpse at the pic and i am like "what kind of crazy tool did bosch come up with this time?"
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Ah this takes me back to my childhood when I had the original corgi version X)
I just saw that too and thought it was a pretty good deal. My 9 year old plays with the one I had as a child. Good job my Dad is such a hoarder!
this is much better deal at argos here
I had one of these when I was a boy, around '70-'72. We went camping in Bray, Co. Wicklow and I got it stolen within 5 minutes of arriving at the campsite. This one isn't as nice as the original, of course, but it would certinly fill a hole in my heart. I'll ask the wee woman for permission to buy it.

And please stop posting all these unmissable deals.
Yeah, good reviews on amazon and the cheapest price available on pricespy.

this is much better deal at argos here

Incredible value for money, that. But the plasticness puts me off. And I wuold have nowhere to put it.
I was a huge Thunderbirds fan as a kid (still am tbh). Great deal - I nearly ordered these from the Corgi website this morning, so i've just saved a packet! Cheers - heat added!
3.50 delivery though it seems ...
Still got two originals boxed

Still got two originals boxed

Wish I had kept mine when I was a kid would have been worth a fortune now!
F. A. B
Wow I want one HEAT
Great deal for the collector
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