Thundercats Series 1, part 2 - 6 disc boxset - £11.99 delivered + Quidco

Thundercats Series 1, part 2 - 6 disc boxset - £11.99 delivered + Quidco

Found 13th Nov 2007
The second part of the first series of Thundercats is now £11.99 on The first part of series one has been this price for a while now but the second part has been around the £18 mark until recently. This is a must for any 80s cartoon fans.

Don't forget quidco too.


Is the link for this working ok?

I can't get it to work....

the link is bum, i go on HMV and it shows up £11.99 but when i add it to my basket it shows £15.99, my head hurts now...…872

just cheked again and it shows £15.99 on main page, but product details shows £11.99 OUCH!!!

just ordered for 11.99 about half hour ago

just tryed again, keeps showing £15.99 in my basket, and when u use the search it shows up £15.99, i think it's a pricing error and you've got lucky.

£15.99 now....

Original Poster

Seems strange that the price shoots up shortly after it gets posted on here. Maybe it was a misprice and they only noticed it because they monitor this site (the price had been £12 for at least a few days I think, my copy is already on it's way to me, I'd already ordered it a while ago). Then again it could just be a big coincidence. Who knows...

It's been 11.99 for a while and I was going to buy it when I got paid again but not at this price... looks like they put the price up after the stock ran out. It's 14.99 instore so its hardly a good deal.
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