Thundercats: Series 1: Part 2: 6dvd: Box Set HMV £11.99

Thundercats: Series 1: Part 2: 6dvd: Box Set HMV £11.99

Found 29th Nov 2007
£11.99 online (was £22.99) or £14.99 instore
part 1 available at same price.

Thundercats ho! (sad i know lol...)

Led by their young leader Lion-O, the Thundercats forge a new home on Third Earth. But as they rebuild their lives, the vile Mumm-Ra and the Mutants at Castle Plundarr plot to annihilate the Thundercats' fledgling civilization. Mystical mind games, mechanical monsters and outright evil plans - these are the daily battles our feline-inspired heroes endure. And as the Thundercats war with their vicious enemies, Lion-O must pass five trials to prove his birthright as ruler and the rightful owner of the powerful Sword of Omens.

The fantastic six-disc box contains 33 episodes including 'The Transfer' an exclusive episode which has never been seen in the UK due to the Panthro nunchukus action scenes.

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Be quick at this price because it has a habit of going up in price very quickly!
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