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Bose speaker £134.98 @ Thurgo
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Posted 19th Jun 2016Posted 19th Jun 2016
Bose speaker £134.98 @ Thurgo£134.98
Iooking for one of these at a decent price thought I share.

JBL cannot handle the mids well and pops. I used both, Bose is the boss to me.


Wonderful product, decent price.


​That is actually a better deal as it's the soundlink mini 2 whereas this is for the first model.


I think this is the older version - Mini II has USB plug on side and a different EAN. Mini II is also cheaper at - €171.89 including postage.


Bought JBL Charge 2 plus instead of this. Sound is much better in JBL for me. Your choice :-)

Dyson DC41 mk2 Animal - £268.99 delivered @ Thurgo
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Posted 8th Jun 2016Posted 8th Jun 2016
Dyson DC41 mk2 Animal - £268.99 delivered @ Thurgo£268.99
Best price I can currently find for this Dyson. Apparently some suck better than others :-)
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For the price Is this even a deal

Refurb GARMIN approach S3 Ggolf watch at THURGO for £110
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Posted 21st May 2016Posted 21st May 2016
Refurb GARMIN approach S3 Ggolf watch at THURGO for £110£110
Garmin reconditioned S3 watch for under £110. Nice handy little watch with built in course to save having to pay subscriptions every year like Skycaddie rip you off with.

Ok did some digging and came up with this Its the same watch and you can get £20 off using code sale20. I then asked the guy what i can get off as if you use bank transfer there is an additional £10 off. Guy agreed and said to use code disc30 which took the price down to £109 for a brand new model :)


That's fine if you have a S2 but the idea was to let people know the kind of price for a decent version Garmin watch. I still think a reconditioned, fully serviced with 1 years guarantee watch for £109 is a good price considering you only get a years guarantee with a brand new model at £139 Save £20 for the same thing is a good deal to me.


Personally I think I would rather pay the extra £19 for a new one, and even at that, does the extra £30 make it so much better than the S2 for £100 ? Only my tuppence worth.

Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner £209.97 delivered @ Thurgo
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Posted 7th Mar 2016Posted 7th Mar 2016
Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner £209.97 delivered @ Thurgo£209.97
Best price online for a brand new V6 including free delivery.
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Need to be a member of costcos to get it for £199.99 non members is £209.99


£199.99 in Costco delivered

Tomtom trucker 6000 £258.99 @ Thurgo
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Posted 1st Feb 2016Posted 1st Feb 2016
Tomtom trucker 6000 £258.99 @ Thurgo£258.99
Cheaper then anywhere else.
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no the reg ones dnt it is good deal but ive seen brand new for 249 on hdew google the make and it will come up under google shopping


Aye but don't regular ones have a "Truck" setting?


I work at at a truck depot and I regularly see truck drivers use 3rd party ones from eBay for £60 they do the job


I just got the 770 garmin version and it's a waste of time it's going back at lot of lads are buying sat navs of eBay 70 quid and they work really well I personally wouldn't touch Tom Tom


might distract the driver from looking at adult sites on the laptop he has on the passenger seat. :p heat added, but surly the vehicle specific features are only in the software, and manufacturers could easily install this on the any satnav.

Neato Botvac D85 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner £3489 @ Thurgo
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Posted 15th Jan 2016Posted 15th Jan 2016
Neato Botvac D85 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner £3489 @ Thurgo£348.99
I had been looking to upgrade from my old Roomba. Looked at Roomba 880 and the Neato D85 on Thurgo. This has far better reviews and for the same features, it is much cheaper than R… Read more

LOL, I was only joking ;)


I don't think there's any robotic vac out there yet that does be honest, at this price I'm happy with the features it brings : 1) Larger tank capacity 2) Scheduling which days of week and what time 3) It automatically wakes up, cleans the house, recharges in between if necessary, resumes cleaning and goes back to charging cradle after completing the clean. 4) Based on the reviews, it works pretty well I'm sold !! <3


Ah, but can it do the stairs?????

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Bose Soundlink Mini 2 Bluetooth speaker £134.98 Free delivery and £15 voucher off next spend @ Thurgo
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Posted 18th Dec 2015Posted 18th Dec 2015
Bose Soundlink Mini 2 Bluetooth speaker £134.98 Free delivery and £15 voucher off next spend @ Thurgo£134.98
Bose Sounlink Mini 2. I've been looking to get one if these for a while. Lowest price it's been in the UK. Free delivery and a £15 off your next purchase too!

Brilliant bit of kit


oh my god have you seen the reviews on Thurgo -not good


mini 2 is 149.00 on same site. which is the same price as pcs direct


it does not say mini 2


I can confirm anker speaker is excellent, if only slightly heavier

Miele Complete C2 Cat & Dog + Freebies - £159 from
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Posted 17th Nov 2015Posted 17th Nov 2015
Miele Complete C2 Cat & Dog + Freebies - £159 from£159
First deal posted but thought it was worth sharing... Have been looking for a new Miele for a while and came across some Black Friday deals at You can currently get … Read more

The price is now £163.78 in the Black Friday deals. Still has free set of bags and a free Bosch iron. Cheapest I have found the hoover is £150 but minus the freebies and they want £14 for bags so still a deal. Shame I didnt see it at the original posters price.


If you go to the Black Friday tab it should be about a third of the way down just under the two Miele vacuums.


Thanks, looks great! I can't see the iron on there though?


Yes C3 is a great price thank you with free iron and free bags also :)

FinderOfDeals is a nicer price! :P

Bose SoundLink Colour Bluetooth speaker £99 @ Thurgo
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Posted 14th Jul 2015Posted 14th Jul 2015
Bose SoundLink Colour Bluetooth speaker £99 @ Thurgo£99
Seems to be good value for a brilliant Bose product. different colours available for same price. rrp 120. reviews look good too. Thanks Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

I got this and it is as good as I thought it would be. Excellent sound and easy to set up and use, the kids love it too, they put youtube music on it. signal distance is decent, need to stay nearby, next door max for me.


I can move around my flat no problem, however this is with doors open. When I went to take the bin out, the music cut out. However, I assumed this was due to distance rather than signal being blocked.


As it is bluetooth, does it not suffer from no signal due to brick walls etc. I tried some other bluetooth speaker last year but when I moved it into another room, there was no signal. Apparently it has to be in line of sight or something like that.


Bought this speaker a few weeks ago and very happy with it. I use it for all the things my Sonos can't do, such as stream sound from TV apps or YouTube. Will fill a small room with decent quality sound. Small and sturdy and very simple to pair.


Thurgo do a 7 day trial so will see how good it really is in my garden and living room. I tested a few in the shop but difficult to see the differences in that environment. Thanks

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Powerline Vacuum Cleaner - £202.50 (£172.50 after cashback) @ Thurgo
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Posted 6th Jul 2015Posted 6th Jul 2015
Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Powerline Vacuum Cleaner - £202.50 (£172.50 after cashback) @ Thurgo£202.50
The very highly rated Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Powerline Vacuum Cleaner is currently available for £202.50 at Thurgo with free delivery (price does seem to fluctuate). A fe… Read more

That's just you trying to hoover up the grass clippings I think.


Had one of these, had to get it repaired twice due to the motor burning out. Great when it worked but more hassle than it was worth in the end. Get a Sebo instead.


Brilliant vaccum cleaner. Wish it was this price when I bought it. Don't understand why it's being voted cold as it's great. We used to have a Dyson and this is so much better value.

Sony 75" 3D LED TV with NFC & Android TV Black - KDL75W855CBU £2186 @ Thurgo
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Posted 26th Jun 2015Posted 26th Jun 2015
Sony 75" 3D LED TV with NFC & Android TV Black - KDL75W855CBU £2186 @ Thurgo£2,186
£2,499 @ Richer Sounds & John Lewis. But Hopefully they should price match. This is an Amazing price for a 75" LED TV Sony 75" 3D LED TV with NFC & Android TV Black - KDL7… Read more
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Now £2035.98???


Love it! LIKED


People worry to much about the picture quality on these things. I installed a cheapo 50" Blaupunkt in the attic room as a treat to myself (the Mrs still does not know it is up their). At first I was disappointed in the picture but I was only stood two foot away from it but as soon as I sat down on the couch about 4m away it seemed excellent. Maybe I have crappy eyes but I found even downloaded small file XVID TV shows were fine to view too.


I'd want 4k for this price.


way too big for 1080p

Dyson DC25 Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Refurbished) £114.99 DELIVERED @ Thurgo Electricals
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Posted 24th May 2015Posted 24th May 2015
Dyson DC25 Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Refurbished) £114.99 DELIVERED @ Thurgo Electricals£114.99
Looks a good price for a DC25 refurb. Fully tested with 3 month warranty. Free eco delivery also. They have a store in Exeter but i found this online.. Dyson DC25 Upright Vacuu… Read more

Comment Clearly posted that to cause a stir. You're sat waiting with you're popcorn.


Are these any good? Our Henry is on its way out....thinking of going for a Dyson next


stick to a henry I say


How old was it before you needed to "refurb" it?


I have a DC25 and stripped it yesterday to clean and do a DIY 'refurb'. After that, I'll never buy another Dyson again. I reckon the designers thought that they were proper smarty-pants, but this puts it at the other end of the scale that says that simple design is good design. No wonder you see so many refurbs around. If anything, it surprises me that they don't break more often, given all the fiddly parts they're made from. Made in brittle plastic too, so bits seem to fall off. Form over function and all that.

Vax White Pet Vacuum Cleaner U88-W1-P 1600W Price £40.69 ex VAT Now Price: £48.82 (FREE DELIVERY) @ Thurgo Electricals
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Posted 14th May 2015Posted 14th May 2015
Vax White Pet Vacuum Cleaner U88-W1-P 1600W Price £40.69 ex VAT Now Price: £48.82 (FREE DELIVERY) @ Thurgo Electricals£48.82
Vax White Pet Vacuum Cleaner U88-W1-P 1600W Price £40.69 ex VAT Now Price: £48.82 (FREE DELIVERY) Key features: Ideal for pet hair Length of hose 2.4m Side suction for edge to ed… Read more
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I had this cleaner and the number of belts it went through before the motor went up in smoke was unreal. I changed the belt once every 3 month (at least), I followed all the instructions and cleaned out the filter, made sure the hose was not blocked and it still died - very high maintenance machine, although it cleaned well.


Good price, shame it's Thurgo....


I have a VAX pet, constantly go through belts they burn out often on long carpets and if you pull the VAC hose and make it lean forward the brushes rub on the floor, causing belt to burn through. Next time I will purchase a VAC with an indipendant brush motor, like the Vax air reach so no more broken belts!


Can this be used as a normal vacuum? I'm looking for a cheap one for a friend but this is the only on thats come on sale :(


good price, shame my dog is black

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Powerline Vacuum Cleaner £184.99 @ Thurgo
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Posted 5th May 2015Posted 5th May 2015
Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Powerline Vacuum Cleaner £184.99 @ Thurgo£184.99
Miele C3 cat and dog vacuum cleaner. RRP is £269.99 If you prefer, John Lewis will price match the Thurgo price of £214.99, and Miele up until the end of the month (27th) are doi… Read more
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Took 3 returns to Miele after this post to finally get this repaired ( 3 returns !! :-| )


Please do, I've just bought one so could be useful info. I'll cool you down.


Good products Miele until they develop a fault. Sorry OP seeing this on here is like a red rag to a bull, farcical experience recently with an in-warranty Miele I can't even bring myself to tell you more about it, I'm burning up just typing this rant lol

Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones - Black £219.99 Including free delivery @ Thurgo
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Posted 15th Mar 2015Posted 15th Mar 2015
Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones - Black £219.99 Including free delivery @ Thurgo£219.99
Thought this was a great deal for these very well reviewed Headphones from Bose Hope it helps someone. Normally £269.00 Brief description: QuietComfort 25 headphones are re-engin… Read more
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So many people hate Bose because it's expensive and doesn't sound quite as good as there 10 year old Denon stack system with its 3 foot speakers. Just ignore them, they'll eventually drown in there back issues of what hifi.


Phang, do you have to order in Spanish? Don't they charge you lots for delivery?


Agreed! I ordered my T90 from as well for a lot cheaper price! Not problem whatsoever, arrived a few days later. No need to worry for Custom Duty and warranty as manufacturers of these premium headphone generally have international or at least European warranty. Deals for UK residents!


I got mine from last week, it arrived the next day and I was even able to use my account for the order. With the exchange rate the way it is at the moment you'd be mad not to take advantage.


cheaper still in Hong Kong, but isn't this site for UK deals ?

Bose Soundtouch 20 £288 @ Thurgo Free Delivery
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Posted 14th Mar 2015Posted 14th Mar 2015
Bose Soundtouch 20 £288 @ Thurgo Free Delivery£288
Bose Soundtouch 20 £288 from Thurgos with free delivery. £350 elsewhere.
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Sonos player is a much better item.


£242 delivered by both colours


€353 delivered by with a no fee card @1.4 average will be appx £252 delivered.

Miele Complete C3 PowerLine Vacuum at Thurgo for £142.88
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Posted 21st Feb 2015Posted 21st Feb 2015
Miele Complete C3 PowerLine Vacuum at Thurgo for £142.88£143.88
Excellent vacuum for a great price, you cannot really go wrong with any Miele appliances as they are made to a very high standard. Comes with free delivey too..
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Never knew it kept refreshing, yes still active and the same price.


Still the same price.

Miele Washing Machine WDA110 £588.99 @ Thurgo
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Posted 26th Jan 2015Posted 26th Jan 2015
Miele Washing Machine WDA110 £588.99 @ Thurgo£588.99
Miele Washing Machine for the se price as the lower model WDA100. You can claim £75 Cash back by redemption for purchases made up to the 31st Jan 15 via the Miele website. Claims … Read more
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There's a hole in the top of mine on the door seal and three smaller holes at the bottom of the door seal.


Hey guys very you much for checking this out for me. Been after an answer for ages and glad to know mine isn't broken :) I was just confused as I saw loads of videos showing water entering at the top. Maybe that hole on the top of the seal is just a overflow thing nm. Thanks again


Thanks monkeyhanger for answering - I've not had to do another wash yet ;)


We put a wash on tonight and there was no water coming through from the top of the door window. Towards the start of the cycle it is constantly checking, filling, checking etc until it has the right amount of water for the load, then starts the cycle properly.


Hero 878 I will check next time I put a wash on ;)

Dyson DC24 Lighweight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Refurbished £99.99 @ Thurgo
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Posted 26th Nov 2014Posted 26th Nov 2014
Dyson DC24 Lighweight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Refurbished £99.99 @ Thurgo£99.99
Manufacturer: Dyson Part Number: DC24 Vacuum Type Filter Upright Ball Technology Yes Maneuverability Yes Lightweight Yes Suitable for Every Floor Type Yes Condition Ref… Read more
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up to £129.99 now


Where abouts is that from? looks good and the pet thing is needed as we have a dog!


you can get a Vax Air Pet U88-AM-Pe very cheap and to be honest it compares favourably with this, more air watts, good design, 6 year warranty, I just ordered one for £107 all in, there are some available cheaper, not going to get into what brand is better debate. [image missing]


£119 for me too.


coming up as £119.98 for me

Dyson DC25 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Refurb £99.99
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Posted 17th Nov 2014Posted 17th Nov 2014
Dyson DC25 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Refurb £99.99£99.99
Thought this was a good deal for a refurb + 1 years warranty. there are 13 in stock.
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I got my mum a's too good, she can't move it around for the suction!!! So I'm looking at this cos it's lightweight...


Had a Miele for years now and they are superb vacs. However, if you want this Dyson model it looks a good price, though the reviews and comments about the supplying company would count me out.


Who wants an upright? A heavy, cumbersome machine...


What's the cheapest Miele upright? Around £300 from what I can find so only fair to compare like for like surely. On that basis this Dyson represent quite a saving.


We've got a Dyson DC07i which we've had for 10 years, still works brilliantly, I know that's not what m5rcc wants to hear. #awaits short sarcastic comment from aforementioned member# Seems like a hot deal in principle, regardless of whether you are for or against Dysons, and that's what this site is about.