Tia Maria 700ml  TESCO Online and in-store. £9.72

Tia Maria 700ml TESCO Online and in-store. £9.72

Found 9th Aug 2011
700ml bottle of Tia Maria for less than a tenner. Nice drink for the ladies

The website price is a bit confusing, comes up as £15 in the basket, but you will DEFO only get charged £9.72 per bottle. I ordered twice online and got them at £9.72 both times. Oh, and the shelf price in-store is £9.72

Feel free to vote this cold for no reason as I really couldn't care less how much heat this gets. I'm just putting it out there for anybody who's interested. I won't throw my toys out of the pram with phrases like...."right, that's it, I'm not posting on here any more" or "if you don't vote hot, please explain why".

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