Tic Tac Breeze @ Co-op 25p instore

Tic Tac Breeze @ Co-op 25p instore

Found 9th Jan 2017
Just popped in to my local co-op (Wilsden) and they had these by the self service. Bought the cranberry ones before - Think they were about 80p. Scanned through at 25p. Got 4 boxes for a £1 in the end. This is the eucalyptus flavour, not sure if all flavours are the same price.

I thought these were relatively new but possibly already being delisted hence the reduced cost.

No receipt as the machine didn't give me one!
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Normally about a THOUSAND POUND in co-op.
Can confirm this, I just bought the lemon flavoured one and it came out at 25p as well. Also no receipt. They were labelled as 99p.
Donald trump's favourite mint
there in poundland 4 packs for £1 and recognizable flavours as well
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