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Tidal - 4 months free trial Hifi Plus with newsletter signup (new accounts only) @ Cambridge Audio

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120 days of free streaming with TIDAL Hifi Plus by signing up with Cambridge Audio’s newsletter.

Follow the link and provide a name and email address, once the address i verified you will receive another email with a voucher code and that is it.

* This is for new accounts only, but I have used a different email address to get other trials.
** Don’t use pop up blockers as explained in link.
*** I already have a sub to HiFi Plus if anyone wants a my voucher let me know.


To redeem the offer sign up below and join our club! We’ll share tips, product news, exclusive offers and ways that you can help us to develop tomorrow’s Cambridge Audio products.

To enjoy this offer you'll need to make sure you don't have ad or pop up blockers enabled.
If for any reason you can't see the form please contact us and we'll be happy to help.
Cambridge Audio More details at Cambridge Audio
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    what's also better on tidal is they actually pay the most to artists. So even the small obscure artists get paid, its a considerable difference to all the others. it's like 1.2 cents per 76 plays with the others literally 0.008 per 125 - 540 plays! Tidal hifi quality sound also makes a difference...
    That is a good thing and would influence me a lot more than the fake MQA nonsense.
  2. Avatar
    Why not go through a vpn to sign up to Tidal and pay 80p a month like most people on hukd!
    Why not both? Get 4 months free and then get it cheap with vpn.
  3. Avatar
    Fantastic quality. I've been playing through their master quality pink Floyd albums and they sound great.
  4. Avatar
    Just buy it with the Argentina vpn trick
    yeahh lets take more money from musicians and scam our way into enjoying their art without paying a fair price.

    Just buy it you cheapskates
  5. Avatar
    Anyone received their code yet ?
  6. Avatar
    Out of interest for Tidal users... Does it have a "play to" device option like on Spotify ? I have a few Bose boxes around the house and like to use the Spotify app on my phone to connect to what box I'd like.
    The devices would need to support Tidal Connect which works in exactly the same way Spotify Connect does.
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    Just a heads up that their MQA 'master' quality is a bit of a scam. It's certainly pretty good but it's not lossless as they claim. Worse still, the HiFi quality is just the MQA with meta data stripped but is also not lossless.

    See here: goldensound.audio/202…ss/

    As far as I can see, Qobuz offers the best quality but they don't do much in the way of offers. Trial it and see though, that really is lossless (edited)
    There was that fella who properly analysed it on YouTube then got loads of legal threats off them.
    My take home is that MQA is utter bull poop.
  8. Avatar
    Could anyone tell me how long it takes for the email to come through please? (been waiting 15m and not in spam) (edited)
    Still waiting 16hrs later
  9. Avatar
    Great deal but I've tried on 2 emails now and still not received anything, bizarre
    Me neither 😳
  10. Avatar
    It’s been 2 days… no code?
  11. Avatar
    Would love a sub please
  12. Avatar
    If it worked it would be good..but it doesn’t so cold,simple as
    At what point does it not work for you?
  13. Avatar
    Terrible service and interface
  14. Avatar
    It's a trap!
  15. Avatar
    Used link, got email and am now using. Whole process took under 5 minutes.
  16. Avatar
    I don't have a pop up blocker on but still can't open then sign up link
    Contact customer support, it's written that if you have a problem with the popup to contact them in the link and get the trial that way
  17. Avatar
    Master is quality is great but have tbh, just used VPN to Argentina to subscribe at 80 odd pence a month. Excellent
  18. Avatar
    I like Tidal but last time I looked you couldn’t use it with an Alexa.
    Which is why I went for Spotify
  19. Avatar
    Alexa support is US Only and I believe it always has been unfortunately.
  20. Avatar
    Tidal works great in a Tesla with their native app and sounds far better than Spotify also using the native app.
    Agree, sound difference is amazing too
  21. Avatar
    been waiting 48 hours on an email nothing as yet!!
  22. Avatar
    It's working now, I've tried again and got link straight away!
    No it’s not
  23. Avatar
    Page no longer accessible
  24. Avatar
    The page is back up, but still no emails coming through
    Still down for me.
  25. Avatar
    Still no code? Glad I used a burner email