Tidal 5 pce Case Set - 3x Trolley Case, Holdall, Document Wallet - Was £26.49 Now £13.24 @ Tesco Direct
Tidal 5 pce Case Set - 3x Trolley Case, Holdall, Document Wallet - Was £26.49 Now £13.24 @ Tesco Direct

Tidal 5 pce Case Set - 3x Trolley Case, Holdall, Document Wallet - Was £26.49 Now £13.24 @ Tesco Direct

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This 5 piece set is of exceptional value with small, medium and large trolley cases, a holdall and a backpack. These trolley cases all feature an internal trolley system with smooth roller wheels and a large front zip pocket. The backpack comes with a front pocket and adjustable padded shoulder straps for comfortable use. The holdall includes an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap for comfortable use.


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Bargain! You'd never see them though when you needed to collect your bags coming off the plane, they'd be camouflaged against the conveyeor !

Very similar to the ones I got from Argos a while ago - lasted 2 minutes and the baggage handlers at the airport never even had their hands on them. Cheap price though. ;-)

Does anyone have these? I bought a similarly cheap set from Argos for my last abroad holiday and it was terrible. Firstly, all the handles fell off them and then one wheel on each case fell off.

It would have made a terrific comedy watching us stumble around with these handle-less bags, going around in circles with the one wheel, if only it hadn't been so tragic and embarrassing...

It truly pays to have good luggage when abroad, so any reviews of this set would be appreciated!

for this price i am taking the risk,

heat added

Ive had samsonite oyster ones for 12 years
You can buy them for about £50 each in the sales
No im not posh but lasting as long as they do its good value.
They also stop your clothes being creased.
Only fault is with luggage allowances these are quite heavy empty so less inside.
Just thought the info might be useful.

You get what you for with suitcases. I can see these falling to pieces in no time. Voted hot for the price though its very cheap.

I have a samsonite briefcase, which is simply indestructable. I'd get a full luggage set, if I could afford them, but sadly I'd rather spend the extra cash on the holiday, even if I have to chuck the luggage set away after I return.

Just so long as it survives the trip! But good tip anyway, I might have a look and see if I can find some deals on samsonite.

thanks, Pete.

Also - it looks like Tesco have sown up the sim card trick, since I can't find a sim-card which included free delivery below £4.50. They only sell their sim-card with an airtime bundle....wondered when they'd cotton on to that one!

these are s**t.

had these and broke off in just one use, the material is cheap and they are not durable at all.

pretty useless, dont even consider buying these,
u will really regret u ever bought those.

can guarantee that they are pretty useless.
voted cold

Tat. Get a good set.

is there still a cheap simcard? Last week when I looked they were all about a fiver

They may not be much good as travel bags but they make good storage cases for the loft or under the bed. Great post . thanks.


Tat. Get a good set.

Yep agree why risk ruining a holiday when they come apart at the airport.
Better to spend a bit more and get a good set.

What a drab miserable looking set!

I got a set of these (in black) 3 years ago.They've been to US 3 times and various other destinations.Thrown about by baggage handlers and the're still intact. Can't see the problem....£20 bargain!:-D

I Bought This Set And The Handle Fell Down While Trying To Take Out The Smaller Suitcase From The Bigger One So I Dumpt It So Im Not Starting With A New Hassle.
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