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Posted 11 September 2022

Tidal Hifi Family (Up to 6 users) £0.88pm via Argentina VPN @ Tidal

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

VPN required to sign up not to listen
Use VPN to connect to Argentina VPN (Urban VPN works on the phone)
Sign up tidal.com/plans/family
Used Revolut virtual card to sign up

Don't worry about the $ currency symbol, this is the same symbol being used for Pesos

£0.62 for Individual membership
Tidal More details at Tidal
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    Can somebody more experienced in these matters please advise me, is this actually legal to do through a VPN if I do not reside in the country in question? I am all for a bargain but wouldn't want to end up having to pay more if I am found to be doing something wrong further down the line?
    Worst thing that would happen is they stop the account working and send you an email. I wouldn't worry about it.
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    I invited a family member after signing up to the family subscription and its asking them to pay, does anyone know why its doing this please? Tia
    Family member has to connected to Argentia server Via VPN before accepting the invitation. Unfornately you cannot reuse that email account anymore as that has already registered with UK account.

    Remove the family member and add another email address and ask them to follow the above step.
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    Nationwide Flex Plus card worked fine for me.
    £13 a month
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    Chase card worked
    Does chase charge you conversion?
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    If it'd only work with Alexa...
    US only, for now, might trickle down to " there be dragons " lands one day.
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    So after a few hiccups I’ve finally got it up and running.

    1. Used TunnelBear VPN as mentioned by someone in comments earlier
    2. Signed up to Hifi+ using Starling card
    3. Sent family member invitation from my account
    4. IMPORTANT: Must create family members Tidal accounts with VPN switched on to Argentina. Otherwise will receive error message that family members account not created in same country as you. Check family members email and follow link to create account

    EDIT: If you’ve already created a UK family member account without VPN on - download the Tidal app and from the account settings you can delete account, then create again using VPN. Could not find delete account option on the mobile website (may be available on desktop version but I don’t know)

    ANOTHER EDIT: Family owners account also needs to be one created whilst using VPN pointing to Argentina. If it is an existing account created in UK then either create account with a fresh email address while VPN is on, or delete account as mentioned above and recreate it using VPN (be prepared to lose any personalisation eg. Playlists) (edited)
    Thanks for this, wish I'd read it earlier. Just tried inviting a family member and ran into the issue you mentioned about the country being different. Will try deleting the account and restarting.
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    Signed up last time this came up using a TunnelBear trial and Monzo. Been working a good few months. Managed to get my mrs activated as one of the family accounts but tried my dad yesterday and when he tried to activate it we got a “not in this country.”

    Don’t remember doing anything special to get my mrs to work back in may.

    Can anyone shed any light
    Each of the family accounts need to be connected to a VPN when registering / activating. Once you have done this you don't need to use the vpn anymore.
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    Still accepting revolut, and I'm subbed to a family plan and pay extra for the artists.
    I need to get myself a Revolut card then. I had Tidal via Turkish lire and I miss it, better than Spotify.
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    You do have the odd non English notification of songs you might like but it's a small price to pay, it's been working great for me for months and if you use Spotify you can copy across your playlists using "tune my music"
    48208935-IaPsh.jpg (edited)
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    Would go for this, however Tidal is not available on Amazon Alexa speakers in the UK - only US (edited)
    Can you not cast from your device?
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    Cheers for this, great offer. Used Surf shark and revolut. Worth noting I had to manually input the card number as cut and paste from app didn't work..
    Nice one mate.. I got it to work with lots of determination.. Enjoy
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    I’m using Halifax Clarity CC works fine
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    Been using this for a while now. Paying via Revolut virtual card. Brilliant for Dolby atmos and master quality music if you’re into that.
    Same here... Revolut works perfectly
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    What's this for ?
    Washing powder
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    Starling still works, been using that for last few months.
    Same, starling still working been using for a year now.
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    Please don't steal music from hardworking musicians. This is stealing in my eyes, and completely wrong.
    Do they state I can't bill it via another country? Not that I can see from your extract

    Again... Where does it say I can't pay for a service outside the UK?

    In the end each person can decide for themselves how they want to do something... If you don't like it, don't do it

    Loopholes will always exist and people will always use them, governments, corporations and individuals (edited)
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    Tunnelbear worked for me with a Revolut virtual card
    Tunnelbear and Monzo worked too
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    I've had to create a new virtual card on revolut as tidal didn't accept my other virtual card.

    Signed up for hifi plus.
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    Can this be used with Plex or only a Tidal account set up through Plex?
    I signed up for this about 6 months ago and it works fine with Plex, all the integration stuff works as expected. Link your Tidal account to your Plex one here.
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    I struggle adding "family" to it. Can never get activated.
    I’ve noticed recently when I’ve added a new member they have needed to be on the Argentina vpn to sign up as well, otherwise they got a country error!
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    Just signed up for hi-fi+ on my Halifax Clarity card . Thanks OP
    Hello, I’m with Halifax, could you go through step by step how you signed up please? Did you use a vpn or not also? Thanks!
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    Ok, it’s automatically put me on a free trial, but I managed to sign up as a family account and I put my card details. Suppose I’ll have to wait till trial is over to see if it works.

    Can you add the family members at any point? If so, do I have to be vpn Argentina to send invite? Do they need to be vpn Argentina to accept?

    Thanks in advance.
    Add the family members before the next billing cycle otherwise you’ll be changed to an individual plan
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    Thanks OP, worked for me, Revolut virtual and Windscribe VPN (edited)
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    Mine just says blocked when I use the vpn
    And me, with various VPN 😔
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    Says I'm blocked
    I had the blocked message trying to do it on my PC, did it on my android phone and it worked, maybe it might work on another device for you. (edited)
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    Sucks it doesnt work with Alexa
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    With regards to the concern that the Argentina service might shut down because 100 members of HUKD use this loophole. Why not just consider as inconveniencing a previous enemy? Then you will care less for the matter.
    I bet your a hoot at parties!

    It's a loophole that can be closed at anytime, whoever signs up knows the risk
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    If I remember correctly I used my Crypto card and connected to Argentina VPN on my phone. But on the payment page, it didn’t accept my payment so I turned off the VPN and tried again and it worked somehow.
    Are you paying the UK price? Worth a check. I think its like £30
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    Do you have to use a VPN to use it too? Signed up OK but can't log in with the credentials
    I find that if your using the app on PC, you have to use the vpn to sign it. but once you've done that you can listen without using a vpn.
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    Is there still no way to get Tidal working with Alexa here in the UK?
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    How does this compare to Spotify in terms of library size? Are there similar methods for getting Spotify cheaper?
    Tidal has 90 million songs, Spotify has 82 million. And you can't get Spotify or Deezer any cheaper.
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    Just signed up to HiFi Plus Family for $225 Peso which is around £1.36.

    Used Hotspot Shield VPN and a Monzo Virtual Card (Monzo Plus) - Worked perfectly fine 🏽
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    I did a few months back and it's wonderful to see only a few quid come out every month, for something that i find better than Spotify or other alternatives.
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    Do they have a right to back charge you if they find out?
    No, worst case is they close your account and this is highly unlikely.
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    Quality & bitrates aside.

    Spotify vs Tidal vs Deezdr

    Are there significant differences in the catalogues of music available?

    Currently on Spotify, need a rationale for changing. Asking for advice on this
    Both similar with around 80m (but if you like Joni Mitchell and/or Jay-Z, Tidals where they're at (edited)
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    Can you download music from Tital to listen on an Mp3 device does anyone know please? (edited)
    No you can't. You can only download music on your phone to listen it offline.
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    I tried tunnelbear with. Revolute virtual card but the payment wouldn't go through. .. gutted as my 3 months of Deezer ran out yesterday this would have been epic.!. :/
    Clear your cookies and cache and try an incognito window with your VPN again and see what happens.
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    Anyone know of a way to get a cheap music service which Alexa supports? This would be ideal but isn't supported by Alexa
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    Do we have to connect with a VPN to access/listen to Tidal or is it just to pay?
    I've been using Tidal on my PC and phone with no VPN on. (edited)
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    For some reason I was blocked on numerous VPN s
    Try rebooting your PC, then turn on your VPN first (I used Tunnelbear which is free), then open a browser, then open a 'private' page (or equivalent), go directly to the Tidal website. Don't open up any other websites or programs on the way. Good luck