TIE RACK Free pashmina worth £20 - Newspaper based voucher
TIE RACK Free pashmina worth £20 - Newspaper based voucher

TIE RACK Free pashmina worth £20 - Newspaper based voucher

Free pashmina worth £20 - Newspaper based voucher

Get a copy of the The Daily Telegraph (£1.60) on Saturday 21 February and in it you'll find a cut out voucher for a free 100% wool pashmina from Tie Rack.
10 colours including black, cream, turquoise, rust, purple, wine, cerise pink, and soft pink.
Simply cut out the voucher and bring in to your nearest Tie Rack on THAT day to claim your freebie. Watch out, the offer is subject to availability so get your paper nice and early if youre going for it.


Seems a great deal and heat added. Only issue is if this does not include Heathrow Airport branches - as they are the closest - the rest are miles away.

Wow! Great offer!! I have one of the Pashminas from there and they are sooooooo cosy!

sounds like a great deal but Im reserving my vote until Saturday incase theres some kind of catch/it doesnt materialize

rang my local and she said that they have 3000 in stock to give away in their store alone (Solihull) BUT you have to take in the original vocher out of The Telegraph-no copies accepted. :thumbsup: Sounds good to me!!

fantastic offer, just been to peterborough tie rack, queue was out the door, only had few colours left but my mum and me got one (they did have another box on the floor but all the purple ones had gone they said)

Got to the Cribbs Store in Bristol about 10:30am and there were about 250 people queuing as it was 5 in 5 out. Took me an hour but I managed to blag 2 so was definately worth it. Several other stores were coming round and giving out perfume samples, hair stuffs aswell so ended up with quite a few freebies. :thumbsup: H&R

Both myself and my daughter got one in Leeds at 10.30 - no queue but only a few cream and black left!

had a late start - called all tie rack branches around here and was told black and cream ones were available, went to get a newspaper and hopped into the bus. Just noticed someone had cut off the coupon. :x Hopped down the bus which had already done two stops, and walked back to the newsagent. Decided to get back my refund and walked home instead. Decided to preserve my precious time and save the £4 expense..:thinking:

Super hot. Got the paper for free at work and they have a tie rack at work. Worked out wonderfully well, one for mum, one for the other half and one just because

Well - went to Heathrow in the morning, only Black or White Pashmina's left. WHSmith in T2 & T3 sold out of Telegraph! Came home to check local newsagents - also all sold out of the paper, so no Pashmina sadly :-(

The wife says thanks very much for this - :thumbsup: - nice early start, with a full range of colours. Can't quite see what's in it for Tie Rack, though, assuming that they're meeting most, if not all, of the cost.

Are they really so desperate to get people in through the door?

Nice looking pashminas. Got a few from Belfast today. No queue and they had plenty left when we left.

Wasnt worth making a special trip to get the free pashmina. Excellent deal though. Maybe all the queues were hotukdealers?:-D

we went to the Watford one and they were out (@ 11:30) until the next lot arrived at 1pm ... went back just after 1 and waited about 15 minutes to get tot he counter and the only colours they were giving out was cream. Still I never turn my nose up to a freebie! The lady said that was the only colour they had been sent.

Wife and daughter both got one each in Lincoln - all colours available

I work at Stansted Airport and got in for 5am to take advantage of this great offer. Stansted has two Tie Racks; one Landside & one Airside.. managed to get five in different colours.

1 x Partner, 1 x Mother, 1 x Pregnant Friend, 1 x Sister in Law, 1 x Brothers girlfriend.... I'm so in the good books now!!!

Then told all my staff about the deal and everyone went home happy, until the airport ran out of papers... Super Offer !!
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