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Samsonite Large Luggage cover £4.50 @ Tie Rack
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Posted 14th Feb 2014Posted 14th Feb 2014
Samsonite Large Luggage cover £4.50 @ Tie Rack£4.50
Luggage cover protects your luggage from usual wear and tear that occurs in transit. Currently on sale for 70% or less in Tie Rack shops. Large size fits luggage between 75 and 85 … Read more

Lol, nice main page:[image missing]

Tie Rack closing Paddington - Clearance (Cash only)
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Posted 23rd Dec 2013Posted 23rd Dec 2013LocalLocal
Tie Rack closing Paddington - Clearance (Cash only)£1.50
just ran into a closing sale for the tie rack booth in Paddington station 100% silk bow tie and cumberbund was £3 ties for £1.50 etc. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

no returns or refunds either, was told the other day when buying 3 ties


cash only


more stuff: women's silk scarves jewellery children's ties ties+handkerchief etc. all marked as 90% off

Tie rack 90% of everything. Instore
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Posted 22nd Dec 2013Posted 22nd Dec 2013
Tie rack 90% of everything. Instore
Tie rack in Reading has 90% of everything. Bought £200 worth of belts, ties, scarfs, hats etc for £20. Was advised will be nationwide as stores closing down
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70% in Canary wharf at the mo


Just been in the one in London Victoria station. 90% off everything that's left!


Site gone, and can't check where they have stores...


Same in Ealing branch


The stores I've seen are already shut and empty...

70% off everything @The Tie Rack instore - all branches closing down
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Posted 15th Dec 2013Posted 15th Dec 2013
70% off everything @The Tie Rack instore - all branches closing down
70% off Instore only as they will continue to trade online. The website says 60% off instore but as you can see from my receipt I got 70% off. (2 £19.99 pure wool scarves and a £29… Read more
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Really annoyed now as phone line is now saying they customer services are now closed. Anyone actually ordered and got anything yet?


Placed an order yesterday but this morning the website is down, hope that my order arrives!! :( Update - you can call 08450 744055 for order updates. Website should be working again sometime today! Annoying though after ordering morning yesterday and paying 3.95 for delivery they may not get it to me before Christmas :(




They close on the 26th of December, they had 90% off at charring cross station, picked up over £200 worth of ties, cufflinks ect for just over £21 this morning, no much left to choose from but a great deal all the same


60% off at Canary Wharf store Anyone know when they are closing down?

50% off everything closing down Sale at The Tie Rack. Online and Local Stores.
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Posted 3rd Dec 2013Posted 3rd Dec 2013
50% off everything closing down Sale at The Tie Rack. Online and Local Stores.
Unfortunately The Tie Rack is closing down. I asked a staff member, and they're not restocking or rebranding they're going for good come the new year. In the meantime the items ar… Read more

Ah sorry buddy, I posted after getting some great items from Merry Hill Dudley.


I'm looking for a new tie rack and, ironically, they don't have one on their website. Good prices though.


The only part that is closing down are the stores. Their on-line presence will remain.


Usually 50-75% off anyway. My local went months ago.


I tried to post this deal online the day they had the offer come out and kept getting told this I was spamming!! Good on u for managing to get this up lol!!

50% off all items instore Tie Rack
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Posted 22nd Nov 2013Posted 22nd Nov 2013
50% off all items instore Tie Rack
Not sure if all stores, but as they are closing all UK high street stores it probably is. Tie Rack in Canary Wharf is closing down - all items are 50% off - ties, scarves, gloves… Read more

Same in Victoria station too... 50% off everything. Still lots of stock left.


C Couldnt buy online - wouldnt let me pay via paypal or visa...


Thanks for the update Hope you get something lined up job wise soon.


Online, too. Enter the code 'SALE50'.


All tie rack will cease trading on Christmas eve everything half price,get it before it's gone (employee)

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Tie Rack in 50% off Mens Black Label Melville Trilby Hat £12.20 delivered  was £55
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Posted 21st Nov 2013Posted 21st Nov 2013
Tie Rack in 50% off Mens Black Label Melville Trilby Hat £12.20 delivered was £55£12.20
If you like Hats, can never be sure myself seems good quality can be had for £8.25 + postage free if over £40 Use code SALE50 will post voucher code if voucher bit
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Adjustment Bureau!!!! Want! 8)


aren't tie rack closing down though? - i imagine there's lots better deals to come.


:{You to could look like Raymond Reddington................ :{


I know a guy who may be interested![image missing]

tie rack 30% off in Sale now on + extra 10% with code
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Posted 15th Jun 2012Posted 15th Jun 2012
tie rack 30% off in Sale now on + extra 10% with code
I was handed a leaflet in the street about the sale at tie rack. Just in case you are thinking of using their website to buy you can use the code DADL to get an extra 10% off.

Cool - I'm off to buy some ties ;-) Cheers


thanks. have some heat. however, this should be in vouchers :)

FREE cuff links @ Tie Rack
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Posted 15th Feb 2012Posted 15th Feb 2012
FREE cuff links @ Tie Rack
A free pair of cuff links. Don't know if this is a price glitch, but it would be good if someone could get a free delivery code or discount code! Would also be good as an extra fre… Read more

Ordered 20 pairs, only 16 were delivered! what a disappointment:p PS Thanks OP much appriciated:3


have just orderd worth a try! thanks


here's a code. Where's the cufflinks link AFFDEL


lasted not even 20 mins


seen as thought they've realised the glitch! product has been taken off the website. DEAL EXPIREDDDD

Tie Rack Clearance Sale - Selected ties £5, ladies silk scarves and pashminas from £3.50
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Posted 20th Nov 2011Posted 20th Nov 2011
Tie Rack Clearance Sale - Selected ties £5, ladies silk scarves and pashminas from £3.50£5
First post, please be gentle. Tie Rack clearance silk and other ties £5, bought two yesterday from local store in Chelmsford. Also have other items in clearance including scarves,… Read more
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Hmmm, i wonder why?! oO Thanks OP, I've had some good bargains from their sales in the past, I'll have a look and see if i can get some Xmas pressies. :)




Why does every 'first timer' seem to put this on their deal page? It drives me crazy. Stop it FFS!


bought a few in tie rack when the one in bristol was closing down, some decent prices for some nice ties.

Tie Rack Bluewater - Closing Down Sale (ties from 99p!) **instore**
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Posted 1st Sep 2010Posted 1st Sep 2010
Tie Rack Bluewater - Closing Down Sale (ties from 99p!) **instore**£0.99
It closes on the 12th Sept and had a good selection of ties MASSIVELY reduced. everything reduced, scarves from 1.99, jewlery is pretty cheap too (sorry cant really rmbr the price… Read more

booo! haha....sod it i would have allowed Tie Rack for cinema! glad u hada good time....take me with u next time.... haha! i wana go cinemaaaa! i'll buy u a 99p tie!


But I forgot to go to Tie Rack :(


Watched Salt which was much better than we expected :D Went in my trackies lol !


ooh what u gonna see!! why not SUIT UP for the cinema!?


Will take a look as going to the cinema there later. Can't remember the last time I wore a tie though ! :D

Long Domed Tie Rack from Tie Rack store- £2.49
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Posted 3rd Aug 2009Posted 3rd Aug 2009
Long Domed Tie Rack from Tie Rack store- £2.49£2.49
A nice tie rack for a decent price, had a look in other suit stores- goes back around £6... Good deal if you do find one..this one was bought from Tie Rack in White City, the small… Read more
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Ahh, this is a present for someone, so I'll have to keep that in mind and tell them, thanks for that:thumbsup:


I tried something very similar to one of these and found that the wire holders tended to create a slight crease on ties that were stored towards the bottom. I presume this was because they had most weight applied to them by the other ties overhanging them. This is a good price though, I'm sure I paid more.


Aww thats a shame, where abouts do you live...if you dont mind m asking :whistling::p


Abit big sorry :(


good deal, i need another one. But too far away from me to go pick one up...

TIE RACK Free pashmina worth £20 - Newspaper based voucher
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Posted 18th Feb 2009Posted 18th Feb 2009
TIE RACK Free pashmina worth £20 - Newspaper based voucher
Free pashmina worth £20 - Newspaper based voucher Get a copy of the The Daily Telegraph (£1.60) on Saturday 21 February and in it you'll find a cut out voucher for a free 100% woo… Read more
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I work at Stansted Airport and got in for 5am to take advantage of this great offer. Stansted has two Tie Racks; one Landside & one Airside.. managed to get five in different colours. 1 x Partner, 1 x Mother, 1 x Pregnant Friend, 1 x Sister in Law, 1 x Brothers girlfriend.... I'm so in the good books now!!! Then told all my staff about the deal and everyone went home happy, until the airport ran out of papers... Super Offer !!


Wife and daughter both got one each in Lincoln - all colours available


we went to the Watford one and they were out (@ 11:30) until the next lot arrived at 1pm ... went back just after 1 and waited about 15 minutes to get tot he counter and the only colours they were giving out was cream. Still I never turn my nose up to a freebie! :) The lady said that was the only colour they had been sent.


Wasnt worth making a special trip to get the free pashmina. Excellent deal though. Maybe all the queues were hotukdealers?:-D


Nice looking pashminas. Got a few from Belfast today. No queue and they had plenty left when we left.

Up to 75% off ties and scarves @ Tie Rack
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Posted 12th Jan 2009Posted 12th Jan 2009
Up to 75% off ties and scarves @ Tie Rack£2.46
I went to Westfield this evening, Tie Rack had up to 75% off selected ties and scarves. Ties were £2.49 and some scarves £3.49.
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Great price, heat added :)


was thinking the same


Thanks, voted hot. But their website is so bad!

Most ties and cufflinks reduced by 50% - one week only @ Tie Rack
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Posted 14th Nov 2008Posted 14th Nov 2008
Most ties and cufflinks reduced by 50% - one week only @ Tie Rack
Just visited Harrogate Tie Rack and most of the ties and cufflinks (including silk ties) were reduced by 50%. The assistant confirmed that the offer was for one week only - not sur… Read more