Tiger Woods Masters £25 in Asda Instore

Tiger Woods Masters £25 in Asda Instore

Found 22nd May 2011
In Asda at the moment and noticed The Masters is at £25 if anyone is interested, could be nationwide

Available on Xbox 360 and PS3


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Did you see if it was the same price for ps3?

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Yes same price for PS3 mate


Yes same price for PS3 mate


I thought all supermarkets/shops/whatever had to close at 4pm on a Sunday... I'm so deprived.

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Nope, Asda in Dundee is 24hr lol

Cold as you can get this delivered from Game.Co.Uk for £25 (game.co.uk/sea…spx?s=tiger+woods+masters) delievered with the Wii vesion for £20. Though good non the less if its local and you want it same day.

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Can't see how this is cold Robeh when it's the exact same price lol

I can see what you mean but £25 and £25 should really get an average vote then
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I say its cold as ordering online > instore purchase cause not everyone has a store next to them.. like I said its good if you have one next to you but online is always easier to the masses and will have them in stock where as store they may run out and wasted a journey.

But that may just be me.
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