Tiger Woods PGA tour 2010 xbox360 £4.97 Currys reserve&collect

Tiger Woods PGA tour 2010 xbox360 £4.97 Currys reserve&collect

Found 28th Jul 2010Made hot 28th Jul 2010
Don't forget quidco



Damn It, just paid £12.50 for this.

Weenie Beenie

Damn It, just paid £12.50 for this.

Same here! Gonna put it back on eBay!


I hate the Lancaster branch, I don't think they actually stock anything

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Don't think there is much stock of this about! Nearest one to me is 20 miles away and eight stores before that are out of stock.

Still a good deal for those that can get it!

the currys in norwich (gentlemens walk) stated online they had 1 in stock which I reserved, when I got there they had another one i grabbed for my brother, there online stock system cannot be relied on 100%, might be worth ringing them up!

Also dont forget Pc world as mentioned in the vancouver thread, they may have some stock!

showing as avalible in salisbury if anyone in that location requires a copy

Sorry, this item is not available for reservation in any of our stores near you

just bagged it in hayes store thanks

reserve came thru , then 3 hrs later store called to say there had been a "stock error" and wasnt available . Hmmm.

go in store peeps - the one store reservation is a load of tosh - when they down to their last one they say Out of Stock. i just went into mansfield one and got the last one so pop in and you may be sirprised! rated HOT HOT HOT!!!! but does anyone know where i can get ps3 version just as cheap?

id advise all those interested to go to the store and look, as apparently for my closest store they didnt have either of vancouver 2010 or tiger woods 10, when out of chance i thought i should check my closest store to then find that in fact they had 2 of each, to which i bought one of each, figured why not

This is the last edition of Tiger Woods before the Online Pass comes in - so will likely end up more popular online than the 2011 edition, until EA pull the plug on this as an old edition game
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