Tiki Totems (premium) free on App store. Iphone/Ipod touch
Tiki Totems (premium) free on App store. Iphone/Ipod touch

Tiki Totems (premium) free on App store. Iphone/Ipod touch

Welcome to the volcanic island of Tikonia where the villagers all worship the renowned Tiki God. The chief has recently expressed some doubts about the God being real and now he is MAD! In the Tiki Totems Premium iPhone app you will have to take on the responsibility of saving the villagers and their homes from certain destruction. You must climb the hill and beautify the Tiki Gods Totem. You will do this by removing blocks that are unnecessary to the tower. These unnecessary blocks make the Tiki God angry and he already seems angry enough. You will have to take out these blocks without knocking the Totem off of the tower or the volcano will erupt and everyone will die.

You will enjoy the fun touchscreen interface that comes along with this game and you will have to have a steady hand as you try and remove these blocks that are covering up the Great Tiki Gods glory. Be aware that each of the blocks have a mind of their own and will react differently to each move. Try and outsmart the tower all within the parameters of the physics engine in order to win and save the lives of the village people.


Thanks. Will try it out.

this is great

nice one

Thanks just downloading

great find

brilliant game

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Why's this expired when it is still free???????,,

really good app, and a bit challenging at times
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