Tilda Pure Basmati Rice 5 kg only £[email protected] uk free delivery
Tilda Pure Basmati Rice 5 kg only £7.99@amazon uk free delivery

Tilda Pure Basmati Rice 5 kg only £[email protected] uk free delivery

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Product Features
Sun-kissed legendary rice, nothing else
Grains of truth purity tested
Easy carry handle
Low to medium GI
Product Specifications
Product Information
Brand: Tilda
Storage Instructions: We recommend you store Tilda Basmati in this durable and waterproof bag. Keep this bag in a cool dry place. Alternatively, basmati should be stored in an airtight container.
Speciality: No artificial flavour, Suitable for Vegetarians, Gluten Free, No preservatives
Form: Dried
Serving Recommendation: Tilda Pure Basmati combines beautifully with many ingredients. Why not try our range of 2-minute Tilda Steamed Basmati rice recipes.
Cuisine: Indian
Package Information: Re-Closable Packaging
Manufacturer/Producer: Tilda
Country Produced In: United Kingdom
Additives: Free From Additives, Free From Artificial Colours, Free From Artificial Flavours, Free From Artificial Preservatives
Allergen Information: Gluten Free


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usually cost around £3.99 for 1 kg.

Usually dispatched within 3 to 4 weeks

Good deal still - this is £8.00 for 4kg @ Tesco!
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usually cost around £3.99 for 1 kg.

good price but you can get it for nearly same price in the indian shops, tilda is overpriced.

Lidl have some Salaam Basmati Rice - 5kg Bag for £4.99.

Try some brown rice......its a great everyday rice and much better for you !!

Basmati nice if you are flavouring/making something special!

nice deal. i love basmati rice.thanks o.p

Wow its a deal just ordered Two bags and its HOT HOT HOT from me

you can usually pick up basmati rice for around £1/kilo from other brands which are just as good as tilda, but I guess this is recloseable.

Anyone who thinks other brands are as good as Tilda either have no taste buds or haven't tried Tilda. I've tried numerous brands and none come close to Tilda basmati. Hot deal as even buying 20kg you expect to pay £1.60+ /kg.

around £3.99 for 1 kg

Just ordered, thank you.

Just ordered, thank you.

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got mine today.royal mail special delivery

As Niksan says Lidl do 5kg for £4.99 - nothing wrong with it at all.

10 kilo is even better value at £14.60 i.e £1.46 per kilo


or 10 kilo of Badahah basmati for £10.97

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Note that this is pure basmati, i.e. every grain is basmati. A lot of what you see on supermarket shelves isn't, only a certain percentage of the grains need to be basmati for them to claim it is, the rest can be anything else (usually long grain). Have a look next time you're in the supermarket, you'll see slightly different colouring to the grains in the bag.

I think the 4kg bag is currently on offer for £6 in tesco

thanks ordered

how is the rice taste? I ve never tried, anyone can let me know? I tried tesco own branded, it is not good to me, how is this compare to tesco one? cheers guys

one of the best tasting rice!

Thanks ordered 2

If you're a member/know someone who is, Makro C &C doing it for £29.95 for 20 Kg bag.

We got some at their last offer, but didn't think it tasted as good as it used to. Still very good though. Other one we tried and liked was "Tolly Boy" rice.

Amazon very good offer saves you driving to shops. heat added.

You can get a 20 kilo bag in raj brothers for £30 which is about £2 cheaper but for a 5kg bag this is good. plus delivery. :-)

COLD, picked up 20kg from Booker for £20


COLD, picked up 20kg from Booker for £20

Doesn't apply here as that is trade only!

The 10kg bag is 14.60

Hot Deal. Have tried others but it's Tilda for me. Worth paying a little X-tra for quality.

I must have been living in a parallel universe as I'd never noticed food on Amazon. Yeah yeah, I seen the link now, but this could mean close to zero shopping bills using Amazon codes which I pick up (after some effort) from various affiliates. Wow!

btw, Tilda really is the best. Sure there are places in Southall or Asian town where you will get cheaper rice, but Tilda IS Rice

Thank you - I've ordered the 10kg bag for £14.60 - seems a good deal to me.

The difference is quality...


As Niksan says Lidl do 5kg for £4.99 - nothing wrong with it at all.


You can get a 20 kilo bag in raj brothers for £30 which is about £2 c … You can get a 20 kilo bag in raj brothers for £30 which is about £2 cheaper but for a 5kg bag this is good. plus delivery. :-)

2 x 10kg bags = £29.20, so 80p cheaper than Raj bros and delivery is free

Sorry - I would have to disagree with some on here who cite the cheap/budget Basmati as being as good as this: Quite definitely they are not! I have tried some of the cheaper varieties and cheap basmati rice tastes like cheap basmati rice - Quite honestly some are not fit for making rice pudding with. If you want a great tasting fine Basmati, of reliable quality, then this is the one to go for, pure and simple. Anybody who says you cannot tell the difference has dubious taste buds in my opinion....

Sorry, but thats just my two cents.


COLD, picked up 20kg from Booker for £20

Are you sure. Friend had a look (Acton Branch London) two days ago and said it was £29.99

tasted good but always goes sticky for me, havent a clue why, can cook any other brand of rice even cheapie corner shop stuff and its fine, but tilda, sticky! any ideas?

Thanks a lot just ordered the 10Kg bag and voted hot. Put on a rolling boil for ten minutes then steam for eight minutes, prefect.

Order stated 3-4 weeks - arrived Yesterday - 1 week!!!
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