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CORSA 1.3 CDTI ECOFLEX LIMITED EDITION 5DR £107.99 per month 23+12 £3979.65 @ Tilsun Vehicle Contracts
Found 1st Nov 2014Found 1st Nov 2014
This is another cheap lease deal for the corsa limited edition 1.3cdti. 24 month lease contract Upfront payment of £1,295.88. (12 monthly payments upfront) Followed by £107.99 per… Read more
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It's a great deal for brainless folk.


Corsa..... Completely take the fun out ad driving


Cheaper here; 6 + 23 @ £109 http://www.carleaseplanet.co.uk/personal-leasing/vauxhall/corsa/advert.php?id=4000071676


How is that possibly a good deal with 12 payments up front?


Looks good

NISSAN QASHQAI 1.5 dCi Acenta Premium 5dr diesel £222 x 6+23 (6,438) @ Tilsun Vehicle Contracts
Found 3rd Oct 2014Found 3rd Oct 2014
Not sure how well the 1.5dCi engine performs in a car this size. Quoted 74 mpg on combined cycle, though it's not the quickest vehicle off the mark. Quoted Urban MPG is 67. 10k pa

I'd be interested to know what sort of mpg are you getting from the 1.2 petrol ?...... in town and on a run ?


Yep, deffo 1.5. No prizes for speed records, but not a bad little motor. Beats the 30mpg from my Zafira 2.2 auto petrol.


Was it definitely the 1.5dCi engine? Nissan also do this car in the 1.6 dCi which is slightly more powerful. MPG figure drops a bit but still impressive ..................1.6dCi...... 1.5dCi bhp/Nm.....128/320...108/260 0-60...........9.6...........11.5 mpg...........64.............74 VED Band..C..............A


i have the 1.2 petrol Acenta Premium on business lease direct from our local nissan dealer and including VAT we are paying the same price as the deal posted above. The dealer was actually cheaper than a lot of lease companies we tried. Its a fantastic car but I wouldnt choose the petrol engine next time as it is pretty thirsty (and I dont have a heavy right foot!). Will be back to diesel for me


most cars are around 75%-80% of the manufacturer mpg figures that you will be achieve in real life driving. have a look on honest John mpg website.

Mercedes E CLASS E220 BlueTEC AMG Line 5dr 7G-Tronic diesel estate for £299.99 x 23+6 (£8,700) lease @ Tilsun Vehicle Contracts
Found 3rd Oct 2014Found 3rd Oct 2014
OK, it's no Golf R and the 2.1 engine maybe a little under-powered for some people considering it's an Estate. Mileage is 10k pa £300 x 29 (6+23) = £8,700 RRP is £38,500 but best… Read more

Had a 64 reg C250 coupe on hire yesterday. Don't like automatics so wasn't impressed with it. Of course just before handing it back in a gave it some welly and it flew.


need 350 at least for this size of car


2.2 litre Engine, how can you call it underpowered , put your foot down and these things shift like hell!!! Although it depends if the Fiesta driver in front can stop hogging the right hand lane


A small turbo and a large turbo... by definition that isn't really a twin turbo is it? More a bi-turbo I would have thought


Possibly, it was a 2009 w204 that I had from new???? Specs seem to be about the same as this though, but this might suggest now twin-turbo? http://paultan.org/2008/04/11/new-mercedes-benz-om651-twin-turbodiesel/

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BMW 530d m sport auto on lease 10k 6+23 £371.99 inc vat (Personal lease) @  Tilsun group
Found 30th Sep 2014Found 30th Sep 2014
Best price i can see for a 530d sport auto, and cheaper than most of the noisy smaller diesels, unless they have changed anything this would be single turbo. Not found any deals fo… Read more
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i mean you wont lose 10k value in two years on a second hand one.


or better to buy second hand and sell it after 2 years.


This works out at 465 roughly when you factor in deposit. So not a great deal


They drive wonderfully but personally I think the design is awful & too huge. Seat position is too low and unsupportive. Then again, you can pay mega bucks to get a different one. Eg a model at £36k when you add stuff that actually should be included comes out at £48k!


Still expensive compared to an eclass

Tilsun Group, Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi 115 Zetec. £99.99 + vat per month, £1199.88 + vat deposit. 24 months lease, 10 k miles per year.
Found 29th Sep 2014Found 29th Sep 2014
Works out a bit cheaper than the deal which was posted recently, bigger deposit and smaller monthly payments.
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why expired? this is still on the website and I have ordered mine!


Got mine absolutely stunning car! Great service from Tilsun too :)


Thanks OP. I just signed on a Titanium Navigator. Works out at £180+VAT inc maintenance. Admin fee has been taken and all proofs accepted. Really happy with this as I nearly spent around £7k on a used Focus yesterday. This way I keep cash in the bank and hopefully get to buy this at the end of the agreement for a good price. Thanks again. btw, there was a £199+VAT fee.


I don't even want a car, but this is a stonking deal! Heat from me


Thats the same sort of letter my employer sent. Seemed fine for the lease company. An update on mine - Lease documents sent back to Tilsun last Friday, Tilsun emailed yesterday and said I should get the car in 16 days ish. They have been very efficient so far.

FORD FOCUS 1.6 TDCi 115 Zetec 5dr diesel hatchback £1,285 deposit + £142.79/month from The Tilsun Group
Found 21st Sep 2014Found 21st Sep 2014
This offer is based on Contract Hire 24 mths, Based on 10k miles p.a. Prices shown are based on 10,000 miles per annum unless stated otherwise. Higher or lower initial payment amou… Read more

That Evans 1+23 deal looks superb! Anybody drive a Kuga? Looks like a big motor..


Pretty much, yes. Might be a tad different due to them effectively financing you a little bit more, but we are talking pennies. I've added the quote that I referred to - Have blocked out email addresses, but can't believe he would mind me sharing the quote, as there was nothing special in any way. Hmmm - lets try agin with the pic [/img]


For these 1+23 deals, don't you just end up paying the same over a term as a 6+23 deal? Take a lease deal that's got £5k all in costs, you can do 6+23 and pay £172 a month after £1034 down, or do 24 payments of £208 a month (i've left the pennies out of the sums).


Just had one quote for a Ford Kuga 140 Titanium X, at £286 Inc VAT per month for 2 years with no deposit (ie a 1+23 deal). That's actually quite a bit less than I was paying in my old scheme for my S-MAX (Albeit that doesn't include maintenance).[/quote] With no deposit? Are you sure? That sounds like an excellent deal! Is it from Tilsun?[/quote] Got it through Whatcar dot com leasing section, and comes straight from Evans Halshaw. There is no deposit. As I said though, I do next to mileage, so my quote is based on only 6,000 miles a year. I'm about to give my company car after 4 years, and have literally today just knocked it over the 20k miles. I just asked for another quote on the sport version of the Kuga above, and that has come back at £309,99 per month, 1+23 terms. There is also no maintenance include in those numbers, so need to account for that possibly as well.


Turbo diesels have no torque without the assistance of the turbo. If you try to put your foot down at 1300rpm and wondering why very little happens then you're not driving it right. Outside of 1st and 2nd gear, if you want to maintain a speed then have it sitting at 30mph in 4th doing 1200 revs, or 40mph in 6th doing 1100 revs, but for God's sake, if you are sitting at 40 in 6th and want to accelerate, knock it down to 3rd or 4th and let the engine use the turbo. So many people think diesels are crap when they're not being driven right. Don't be afraid to rev a turbo diesel.

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Mercedes E CLASS E350 BlueTEC AMG Line Premium Plus 5dr Tip Auto diesel estate for £289.99pm+VAT (£10091.65) @ Tilsun Vehicle Contracts
Found 14th Sep 2014Found 14th Sep 2014
a steal to run such a car. list price on this must be in the region of 45/50k. 9 speed box, 0-60<7 sec and you can get all the kids stuff in the back. 6+23 @ £289.99+VAT tota… Read more

The salon is still a good deal at 349.99 plus vat http://www.tilsungroup.com/mercedes-e-class-e350-bluetec-amg-line-premium-4dr-9g-tronic-diesel-saloon-car-42718#.VCe_GGK9KSM


wished it was the sedan model :)


Has anyone actually ordered one of these? The numbers seem too good to be true!


Smartlease is a very good starting point.


Amazing looking car in all it's formats, mercs done an awesome job with looks. In fact in my opinion in all formats it top it's rivals in the looks

Mercedes SLK 250 CDI AMG Sport 2dr Tip Auto diesel roadster for £390/m @ Tilsun Vehicle Contracts
Found 14th Aug 2014Found 14th Aug 2014
Initial payment upfront of £1700 then 23 month lease at £335 per month so £9400 for two years (390/m) not bad for a €£40k car. Not for everybody I know but a great offer compared t… Read more
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That was for 10k miles P/A, maintenance not included, but i could have any colour and any interior. yes it was 6 months upfront so was 1468.74. maintenance cost me 300. I would give contact details out but im sure the guy will go mad if i do as its his mobile number. never seen a deal compare, when i first went into mercedes they were saying they only had deals like the one in this thread, but after being passed on to management i was offered this, people in the showroom have a computer and what it says is all they can do, they cant do deals like the people above them can. Always worth arguing the price and ask to be passed on to someone with authority!


Dave, is that 6 + 23 including VAT? How many miles P/A? Cheers


i got this car for 244.79 a month and 1400 upfront direct with Mercedes in dartford. If you speak to an area manager or anyone from daimler they can put you on the fleet pricing even as personal. They just collect all the orders and do it this way a lot cheaper! also that pictures the non amg kit ;)

BMW 5 SERIES 530D M SPORT 4DR STEP AUTO Lease - Tilson Group £359.99 pm for 2Y
Found 22nd Jul 2014Found 22nd Jul 2014
Lease deal for a cracking car. Superb value for those in the market for a lease deal. This is based on 10K a year driving for 2 years. 6 + 23 Months deal Personal Leasing £359.99… Read more

Sounds as though your sample may not be statistically relevant....


Oddly enough I have done my research As I'm driving along, whenever I see examples of impolite driving I look at the badge on the back. My unscientific straw poll has the BMW drivers way out front - no pun intended! Anyway lets not let become 'handbags at dawn', have a sense of humour about it


Nice car. Seems a bargain.


Do you speak to people like that in person?


Who can predict future trends! Perhaps white cars will become even more popular than they are currently....

NISSAN NEW QASHQAI 1.5 dCi Acenta Premium 5dr diesel hatchback Personal lease £232.99 per month £6522.71@ Tilsun Vehicle Contracts
Found 24th Jun 2014Found 24th Jun 2014
Overall works out about £271 a month fully maintained. Is it hot?

Nope, definitely the quackquack, so many of these with blue badges in the Wirral/Ellesmere Port area.


yes they do


Your thinking of the Nissan Joke.


I thought these only got obtained through motability, sure seems that way by me.


You should seriouly consider converting to Judasim or something haha

LEASE : VAUXHALL CORSA 1.6T VXR 3dr hatchback 24mths @ tilsungroup
Found 27th Apr 2014Found 27th Apr 2014
Not bad if you want one: PERSONAL LEASE initial payment £1512 inc vat then 23 payments of £125.99 inc vat every month this is a 24 month and 10,000 mile a year deal. so totals i… Read more

Yes I can claim that, just looked into it! Will see what my manager says.


Mine is 8k miles on a 6+35 basis, I think the 6k on the G2L site is a mistake. Try THIS one I remember speaking to Tilsun and the guy told me that if you asked your employer to give you a letter stating that they would pay you x pence per mile IF you had to use your car for business purposes, then that would suffice. Worth looking into.


steadyeddie, assume this is what you went for? http://www.gateway2lease.com/z_vauxhall_corsa_1.6tvxr192bhp3dr-new_15170_leasing.php Is yours 6k per annum? Could do with at least 8k and preferably 10k myself.


Turns out the first vehicle leasing need business mileage claim proof so no good for me.


Mine was in stock, taking just over 3 weeks from initial enquiry to delivery, it takes a lot longer if you order from factory. Cruise is standard

n  NISSAN JUKE 1.6 [94] VISIA 5DR HATCHBACK 24 month lease 125.99 per month after initial payment of 1260 @ Tilsun Vehicle Contracts
Found 10th Mar 2014Found 10th Mar 2014
This offer is based onContract Hire 24 mths, Based on 10k miles p.a. Prices shown are based on 10,000 miles per annum unless stated otherwise. Higher or lower initial payment amoun… Read more
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Just noticed the price is incorrect. The deposit is +vat so £1511.86 rather than £1260. Rather expensive way to drive a £12k car for two years.


BIG difference in the driving experience between the petrol and the diesel. I've just bought a diesel version. I tried the petrol and it was gutless but there's plenty of tourqe in the diesel. You could always go for the DIG T (190bhp) petrol engine.


I'm giving heat because the OP has found a great deal.


I had one of these as a hire car in Valencia last week and it was truly awful. It was a 1.6 petrol btw so cannot comment on diesel versions. The engine noise due to the low gearing was appalling as was the wind noise from the enormous door mirrors. Might be tolerable in town, but not on motorways. The fuel consumption was also bad - 422km (264miles) out of a tank full = 33mpg on the motorway.


I've got a 63 plate diesel juke and its fine 60+ to the gallon on a motorway, pulls like a train all in reasonable comfort.

AUDI Fully Maintained A6 Estate 2.0 TDI ULTRA S LINE 5DR DIESEL AVANT £1500 up front £258.99 EX VAT 6+23 mths, 10k miles pa
Found 5th Mar 2014Found 5th Mar 2014
Fully maintained including tyres! seems good price for premium estate car, and you don't have to worry about having to sell it afterwards

just fantastic...............


Is this Audi up your rear a southern thing then..?


I'm more concerned about that giant magnet under the front bumper that forces you up the backside of any vehicle in front and the auto-flashing headlights.


Yeah. What are you like?


If it appreciates you buy it If it depreciates you lease it Not bad deal as it's fully maintained Have some heat not that it will matter now

LEASE DEAL Tilsun Group £139.99 per month plus VAT + £839.94 plus vat inital payment NISSAN NAVARA Double Cab Pick Up Visia 2.5dCi 144 4WD diesel Leasing Deals & Contract Hire Special Offers
Found 28th Feb 2014Found 28th Feb 2014
NISSAN NAVARA Double Cab Pick Up Visia 2.5dCi 144 4WD diesel Leasing Deals & Contract Hire Special Offers Business Van Leasing & Contract Hire Nissan's Navara is a powe… Read more

http://www.tilsungroup.com/nissan-navara-reviews-260644 for review

LEASE DEAL Tilsun Group 2014 New Qashqai 1.5dci Tekna £226.79 per month inc VAT + £1360.73 inital payment TOTAL: £6576.85
Found 2nd Feb 2014Found 2nd Feb 2014
My first deal post. Looks like a good deal, for a top of the range Qashqai. List is £24780.00. This works out as £274.00 a month true cost over 2 year. This is for FLAME RED (non … Read more

With a 1.5 engine, I doubt it will drive like a more expensive car!


Looks like an SUV.


Its brilliant mate. Looks and drives like a more expensive car :) Here's a picture


Cheers for the feedback Girish, much appreciated. Looks like we missed out on the delivery this month by about a week then - we ordered on the launch weekend which was 25th IIRC. How is it?


Got my car today. Yes it is a Tekna 1.5 in White. I dont remember the exact date but my order was around mid Jan too.

VAUXHALL ASTRA 1.7 CDTI 16V ECOFLEX 130 DESIGN 5DR [99G/KM] [SS] DIESEL HATCHBACK LEASING - £1052.91 down payment then 141.59 per month @ Tilsun Vechicle
Found 16th Jan 2014Found 16th Jan 2014
Initial payment of 1052.91 then 141.59 / month. This offer is based onContract Hire An initial payment followed by 23 monthly payments mths, Based on 10k miles p.a. Prices shown ar… Read more
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They sell cars with a 'lifetime warranty' (or 100K Miles) but that only applies to the first owner*. As soon as the registration transfers to a new owner the warranty falls back to 3 years. * Unless the car is sold through Network Q and is less than 12 months old.


Astras don't seem to hold their value at all. In-laws bought a brand new 07 Astra Sri 1.6 £15k I got a civic S - type 1.8 for £16.5k theirs is worth £3k mine is sat at around 6.5k/7 over 6 year's. If I had to have an astra, then I'd lease it, personally.


In reality, nobody pays list price fore them, but take a look: http://www.whatcar.com/car-depreciation-calculator/results?makeId=2080&amp;modelVersionId=2755&amp;editionId=40090


They forgot to tell you that its a Cat D repair


I recently looked at a 2012 Astra - CDTi SRI 160. List price new was around 22-23k. It was up for around £10,500 at Arnold Clark with less than 6k on the clock! Really good value for money, but the depreciation didn't half make me think twice in case it continued to reduce at a similar percentage over the next 2 years.

Tilsun - FORD FOCUS 2.0 TDCi Titanium 5dr 2013 £119.99+VAT/ Month 6+23
Found 8th Jan 2014Found 8th Jan 2014
Been looking for a good Qashqai deal and these guys have good prices but noticed these prices on the Ford Focus. Includes 10000 miles in contract. Not sure on the excess mileage D… Read more
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price gone up to £1349.13 deposit and 35 months @ £224.86 = £7870.10. total now equals £9219.23 for 36 months lease.


You don't keep the car after 2 year you hand it back. Better in a way as you have no hassle in selling it on. if you bought outright you could get it for about 15500 but it would only 10000 after 2 years plus you need to factor in interest finance if buying on a loan. I think its a good deal.


How much you have to pay to keep the car after the lease period ?


was posted yesterday

FORD FOCUS 2.0TDCi TITANIUM 5Dr Business & Personal leasing - £1295.89 upfront and £143.99 @ Tilson Vehicle
Found 7th Jan 2014Found 7th Jan 2014

Yep, expired. They're only doing the 1.6 now.


i think this is expired now, the price for the two litre has just gone to two hundred pounds


Because people have not considered it properly. They are thinking "why pay £4.5k for a car you never own" instead of looking at the cost of using a car regardless of who owns it. This is a top deal.


It will be a brand new car.


Why is this so cold? Also, what reg would the car you get be? The photo shows an 11 reg, so I was worried that you'd get one that's been sitting around for a while.

Tilsun - BMW 330d M-Sport [business media] £305.99 p/m lease deal
Found 8th Nov 2013Found 8th Nov 2013
£305.99 inc VAT on a 6+23 lease for a 330d M-Sport with the business media system. This is much cheaper than leasing direct from BMW and considering the engine and spec, and that … Read more
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Yeah I agree its an amazing car, couldn't be any happier with it. Cheers for the headsup on F30POST, will take a look.


Still love mine. It's the best all round car I've ever owned. I'll be looking for either a 335d or 535d next I think. Got a year left on my current lease though.


I'm still loving mine, i will be ordering another one in a few months, but with a few more toys this time! For advice on how to get deals etc. come and talk to us in the F30POST forums: http://f30.bimmerpost.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=412


How's everyone enjoying the motor? For me it's the best car I've ever driven. I just wondered what's the best way to get another good deal whilst not being without a car? Any tips?


Getting mine this Friday and looking forward to it.

Nissan Juke Visia 5dr Lease Deal  2yr (23)  £111.59 per month @ Tilsun Vehicle Contracts
LocalLocalFound 6th Feb 2013Found 6th Feb 2013
Let's get all the Nissan "Joke'" jokes out of the way now! This deal won't be for everyone but the last one posted was a higher spec Juke but at £199 a month with a higher deposit… Read more
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I used to do that but it depends what car you are getting. I'm getting an s3 which they updated this year so only 4 month ones available at more than rrp at 35k against 32k and year old ones are 30kish and 2 year old ones are near 25k


I saw this deal a while back and thought it was an amazing deal. I have just today ordered the Acenta 1.6 deal with metallic paint and maintence inc. I was going to get a loan for £6000 paying back around £125 a month over 5 years. Then buy a second hand car. This suits me better after two years I can do what I want and not be stuck with a car with Negative equity and a loan payment. Great price too


Best offer on a personal lease (fully maintained) is a 12+23 on £128pm So that’s a one off £1536, 23 x 128 = 2944 and the 240 doc fee All in for 2 years that’s £4,720 or £197 per month (as an average) That’s 10,000 mile limit too Still very competitive and no better available online atm


Computer says no! Spoke to the guys at Tilsun and they have called youre quotes as BS? Pressume you dont have any proof of this price?


Same one as posted in this thread that I started. It's all done by the finance company. There is no movement on the DOCS Fee or anything else.