Tilt Laptop Table in Red - 50% off , now £14.99 at Tesco Direct

Tilt Laptop Table in Red - 50% off , now £14.99 at Tesco Direct

Found 22nd Feb 2010
Ideal if you are limited for space.

This laptop table is suitable with use of a 19" TFT monitor. It is constructed in MDF with a red finish and has a chrome stand to floor. This table is self assembly.


Also this one ............... I think is much nicer ..


Solar Laptop Table, Black Glass

Catalogue number: 204-2517

[LIST][COLOR=red][SIZE=5]£17.49[/SIZE][/COLOR] Was £34.99 Clubcard points available
[*]Save £17.50[/LIST]

Excellent, thanks! I've been looking for a tilting laptop table for ages.

is the height of these tables adjustable?

I got the white one that was on here 2 weeks ago. Great job. It is adjustable in that there is 2 settings, the side screws catch 2 dents in the bars/rails so it cant move when the screws are in. One is very low about 30 cm off the ground and the high setting is just about 2ft. Just a nice hight for using it while lying on the sofa.

Perfect, could be just the thing Ive been looking for to mount my Xbox 360 Steering wheel with possibly enough room underneath for the Pedals, GR8 find!


I also purchased the white one just recently. Just a word of advice though. I felt that the title was a little misleading as the table itself can't be tilted. It is fixed at a preset tilted angle and only adjustable in height (as already described perfectly by Derriere) using turnscrews.

Don't get me wrong. I love it and it's perfect for what I needed but I just felt a bit mislead as I expected some sort of angle adjustment on the table itself. Not a bad price for what it is - mind you, I only paid £7 odd.

Hope this is helpful. Best regards, all.

Ikea have some that are adjustable in hight and tilt angle in black red and white

and they are "Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner"........ You know just saying like!! always cums in handy that wipe clean n' all.
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