Tim Burton's Frankenweenie only 90p (no booking fee) this weekend @ Cineworld

Tim Burton's Frankenweenie only 90p (no booking fee) this weekend @ Cineworld

Found 8th Jan 2013
Fab bit of entertainment and a dirt cheap way of occupying the kids. Register on site (it's free) and you get 10% off - making the tickets just 90p. Shows are on Saturday and Sunday (12th / 13th) morning around 10.30am. Book online and either print your tickets off at home or go to a machine in the cinema and punch in your unique code (that will be emailed to you when you book)

A wonderfully creepy comedy about a young boy who loses his beloved pet in an accident and decides to bring him back to life. Victor (Robert Capron) is a young boy who loves two things - monster movies and his pet dog Sparky. When Sparky is tragically killed in an accident, Victor is heartbroken, but refuses to accept that his beloved pet is gone. Inspired by a science lesson at school, Victor attempts to bring Sparky back to life using techniques seen in his favourite films. To his surprise (and everyone else's), it works - but it is not long before his bolt-necked, home-sewn creation is wreaking havoc and striking fear into the local community. As the neighbours gather their torches and pitchforks, Victor must race to convince them that Sparky is not a monster, but the same loyal pet he always was. Using the same-stop motion animation that he championed in 'A Nightmare Before Christmas' and 'Corpse Bride', director Tim Burton presents this off-beat, original and heart-warming tale of a boy and his dog.
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i loved this film. buying it when it comes out. thanks for posting.
I loved this film too. Seemed like vintage Tim Burton back to doing what he does best, with reminders of Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice and other Burton classics.

Saw it at a free screening thanks to a post on HUKD in lovely 3D
It was such a sad film, couldn't believe how emotive it was for a black and white animation. The dog is so well done.
Had to leave this film because it upset our lass so much she was in tears (and we only reached the bit where Sparky gets revived) What I saw of it the film is brilliant and I will buy it on DVD when it comes out.

Heat added
Grassy ass.
Link doesn't work.
I've not been a massive fan of Tim Burton of late but really enjoyed this. I would be wary of taking younger children to see it though.
ahh shame only on sat at our local cineworld,
My friend worked on this and I missed watching it with her and all my friends because of work so very excited to get tickets for Saturday, thank you
Great thank you. Booked for sat morning
We saw this last Saturday. It was fantastic, loved it x
Saw this free through this site, to be honest i would not take little ones (less than 7/8yrs) very scary and jumpy in places.
Brilliant! Missed this when it was out last year.
Not available in Birmingham, shame
Saturday and Sunday, at 10am? **** that. Haha.
Do you have to take a kid to this? I really want to see it but have no kids.

Nevermind, I've just answered my own question by going on to the Cineworld website. Seems I'll have to wait for this to come out on blu-ray then. :-(
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Brought our 4.5 yo twins on Saturday as we're massive Jack Skellington fans. Agree there are some scary bits for that age group but nothing they were upset by and overall we all loved it.
Thanks Mr Wedge, heat added great heads up.
Booked for Saturday, thank you
great, my almost 9 year old wants to see this. Thanks
Check your local cineworld as they have these weekly and others may be more appropriate for younger kids.
thanks my girls(and me lol) are super excited
bought and heat added
Madagascar 3 is also only 90p a ticket in the Cardiff Cineworld. Better for younger children.
How can you print your own tickets?

All I've got is the option to use my booking reference or debit/credit card to pick them up at the cinema itself.
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