Tim Vine Live DVD £2.99 delivered + quidco @ Play.com
Tim Vine Live DVD £2.99 delivered + quidco @ Play.com

Tim Vine Live DVD £2.99 delivered + quidco @ Play.com

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The Guinness Wolrd Record holder for telling the most jokes in one hour, star of 'The Sketch Show' and known for having more punch lines per minute than any other comedian, Tim Vine presents his first ever DVD, 'Tim Vine - Live'!

Tim's unique style and trademark quick fire puns have established him as one of Britain's most talented comedians. 'Tim Vine - Live' is jam-packed with an inspired medley of one-liners, hilarious musical gags and wacky props. With a live audience present, this DVD also features some priceless moments showing Tim's witty improvisation. Tim Vine's continual barrage of side-splitting jokes will have you begging for mercy!

To mark the release of 'Tim Vine - Live', Tim recently broke the Guinness World Record for telling the most jokes in one hour. Tim's performance smashed the current record holder's score of 362, as he dazzled the audience with an astonishing 499 jokes in 60 minutes!

The comedian's audio commentary: Tim talks the viewer through his act and tells about 40 jokes he forgot!
'One Vine Month': he eats, he tells jokes, he chases cats! A comic insight into Tim's life
'Two Men Left' short film. A short film exploring war and human behaviour. Or two blokes running round a forest. You decide!
'Deep' music video: Tim's classic sing-a-long on a beach in Brighton wearing a wetsuit
Rare footage: Tim allows access to his vault of home movie
Two Men Left


The ocean's deep very deep very deep very deep very deep very deep much deeper than you think.

Thanks, Rhys135... I'm now going to have that swirling around in my head for the rest of the day. Have some heat anyway

Always wondered who thought that this man was funny. I would rather set fire to my hair and put it out with a shovel that watch this! Each to their own though I suppose.

I got all the latest comedy dvd's at xmas and this comedian was so bad i gave it away. Very immature /childish jokes. Not voting though.
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