Timbercare One Coat @ only £5.99 for 9 litres - Instore Only @ The Range

Timbercare One Coat @ only £5.99 for 9 litres - Instore Only @ The Range

Found 18th Sep 2007
I've been looking for the cheapest way to paint my fence and found this to be best value.
The Range own branded one coat timbercare in 9litre tins for only £5.99.
Which i expect will cover aprox 10/11 fence panels.
They also sell fence brushes for only £1.99.

From what i've seen this is the price you would pay for normal timbercare in 5litre tins, elsewhere.

If anyone knows of a cheaper place, please post a cheaper alternative. Thanks


I've just done all my fences and was particularly impressed with price/performance of:
B&Q's own brand 9 Litres £7.98 - Golden Chestnut - warm/rich/med-light colour

Remember with all these fence treatments that the colour of the liquid and the colour it looks when first applied changes significantly as it dries.

I have also been impressed with B&Q own make.

Bought two 5 litre tubs of "Golden Chestnut" fence paint in 2015.Used 1 tub and half of other,and was pleased with the colour.Last week bought a new 5 litre tub to repaint fence and found to my dismay had 2 totally different colours.the new tub marked as new improved colour,i am sorry but it does not match my previous purchase and is far too yellow.what in your new range is close to the previous "Golden Chestnut"??
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