Timberland 30% off applied @ checkout

Timberland 30% off applied @ checkout

Found 25th Nov 2015
I was about to buy a pair of boot's this afternoon but put it off until tonight glad I did 30% off is a good discount. Ends Monday 30th Nov.

Black Friday offer

Use GIFT30 at checkout
- saintagnes
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No discount for me
doesnt work
worked for me use code GIFT30
I got it in a promotional email from them - they always do 30% at this time of year so worth waiting for it. Perhaps the OP could put the code in the description
It's worth looking a La Redoute they have got a few timberland boots on their site and they are offering 50% off everything so if they have got the ones you are looking at it may work out cheaper, I ordered some earlier and they worked out at £70??????
I don't thinks it's on everything but I've just got these West Haven Waterproof Chukka and it worked fine
thanking you
The 30%off code(GIFT30A) is now on QUIDCO.
Do you guys think the discount will work together with the 6% cashback?
la respite has excluded tmberlands unless stated! Did u buy an older style pair? still think timberland charge way more than other retailers. office have 20% off theirs and it's much cheaper than official site and Daniel footwear are offering 25% again works out cheaper than timberland official!
Doesn't work on the various boots I've tried
Nope didnt work
Can't get this code to work. Must just be certain items.
I was gutted to see that Timberland's Black Friday 30% off offer finished past midnight.
However I'm happy to receive 30% off using this code. It works!
Didn't have to wait until next Black Friday
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