Timberland Boots RRP £145 now £59.99@chesire oaks timberland

Timberland Boots RRP £145 now £59.99@chesire oaks timberland

Found 8th Apr 2012
I was at Cheshire Oaks yesterday and had a look in the Timberland Shop there. They currently have a load of 2012 edition Timberland Boots in Wheat which have a slight defect. I asked one of the guys who work there what the defect was. Apparently the bottom of the sole of these boots are slightly lighter than what they are meant to be so they have had to sell them as defected items. To be honest, if he hadn't told me about this I would never have noticed and IMO even after he told me I still think there is nothing wrong with them. When bought you also get a free cleaning brush or a free freshness spray worth about £4, just pick which one you want at the checkout. The boots are the same as the ones pictured.

I thought this was a great deal but I'm assuming that once they've gone they've gone so you'll need to be quick.
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I picked up a pair from there last year, about the same time. Really good deal!
Wheres the link?
I think its instore only. Don't think you can order online through Cheshire Oaks
Good deal for a good pair of boots that will last a long time
Thats almost down to the price of CATs - Can't Afford Timberlands - voted hot.
£145 for a pair of boots, do these companies think we are mugs or what?

£145 for a pair of boots, do these companies think we are mugs or what?

I've paid £120 for these boot a few years ago. Wouldn't pay the full RRP anymore but for less than 60 quid you can't go wrong
I have 8 or 9 pairs and even the original wheat premiums from about 12 years ago are still decent enough to wear. Very waterproof, I use one pair to clean the cars and clean them off using a jetwash and my feet stay dry. My feet never sweat or smell, and neither do the boots.

Although in very bad winters where I live, I do switch to northface chillkat ii boots for the grip over these.
No size 7,was in there yesterday!!!
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