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Posted 27 October 2022

TIMCO Woodscrews for Masonry - Mixed Tray with Plugs and Drill Bit - 261 Pieces - £6.50 @ Amazon

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Mixed Tray - Screws Plug & Drill Bit
A selection of countersunk, zinc plated and yellow passivated woodscrews with nylon plugs for fixing to masonry. 6mm masonry drill bit included.



3.5 x 25 - 50

4.0 x 25 - 30

4.0 x 30 - 25

4.0 x 40 - 25

5.0 x 40 - 15

5.0 x 50 -15

5.0 x 80 -15

6.0 x 30 - 75

Masonry Drill Bit 6.0 x 85 - 1

Amazon More details at Amazon
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    Noob question here: can u use any of these screws with this one size plug?

    Why have they provided wood screws in a pack with a masonry bit?

    Well wood screws mostly refers to the type of threading on the screw, which is what you use to screw into a wall plug so it bites in nicely just like it would in a piece of wood.

    The common screw types are wood screws, self tapping metal screws, concrete screws and plasterboard screws.

    A standard wood screw is expected to have a relatively deep thread that has a standard spacing, that is compared to something like a metal screw that would have a shallow thread with a greater number of threads per mm, I.e. it wouldn’t bite into the wall plug plastic as well

    The masonary bit is included for using the included wall plugs.

    It is not possible to rely on a 3.5mm screw in a 6mm plug for anything of any weight at all. You can probably get it to hold to some degree, perhaps drilling a 5mm hole and hammering the wall plug in. The Fischer plugs I use suggest a 6mm plug will take a 4to5mm screw. Or a 5mm plug would take 3to4mm screw (edited)
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    The description doesn't match the contents of the picture or the contents written on the pack image.

    A 3.5mm screw probably wouldn't work in the same plug as a 6mm screw either.
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    Er woodscrews for masonry?
    I was also confused. Going on the picture on the box these are definately for Masonry!
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    Looks a bit naff probably better getting a pick and mix bag of screws from Wilko and buying the drill bit(s) seperate. A good selection of Fischer wall plugs, whilst expensive, is a good investment if you plan on fixing stuff securely to masonry.