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Time Bandits £2.99 @ iTunes

Time Bandits £2.99 @ iTunes

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Posted 7th May
It's not easy being on the run, with such short legs..

The film that established Terry Gilliam as more than just Monty Python’s resident animator, this delightfully inventive children’s fantasy is about young Kevin (Craig Warnock) who finds himself travelling through holes in the space-time continuum in the company of half a dozen fractious dwarfs. Along the way, he encounters Agamemnon (Sean Connery), Robin Hood (John Cleese), Napoleon (Ian Holm) and winds up as a passenger on the Titanic, although not necessarily in that order. But is this just random entertainment laid on for history fan Kevin’s benefit, or part of a wider struggle between the forces of good (Ralph Richardson) and evil (David Warner)? At the time, this was a rare example of a small-budget British film successfully taking on American blockbusters. Now, it's a much-loved fantasy classic bursting with inspired images and ideas: Gilliam and co-writer Michael Palin (who also appears) are clearly enjoying themselves as much as their audience.

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A wide array of additional materials accompanies this presentation of Time Bandits including cast & crew interviews with director Terry Gilliam, screenwriter Michael Palin, production designer Milly Burns, costume designer James Acheson, a featurette with actor David Warne, a documentary providing insight into the film production, a short film highlighting the restoration work and the original trailer.
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Fantastic film.
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Concentrated evil!
Amazing films but not a great publisher for subtitles.
Nice but I'll stick with my physical limited edition steelbook copy

kobrakaan107/05/2020 09:32

Nice but I'll stick with my physical limited edition steelbook copy Nice but I'll stick with my physical limited edition steelbook copy [Image]

Is it the Arrow version though? that transfer is fantastic - far better than any previous versions.
Also this price on Amazon.

By the way, I was having a Blu-ray clear out recently, and foolishly sold my Arrow steelbook (it was still sealed even!).
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