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Time Bandits [Blu-ray] - (Arrow Video ) Prime £7.70 / Non-Prime £10.76 @

Time Bandits [Blu-ray] - (Arrow Video ) Prime £7.70 / Non-Prime £10.76 @

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Posted 5th Nov
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Brilliant transfer. Bonkers film. Great extras. Worth every penny
Amazon are trying to match the new 2 for 15 quid HMV offer... which started when the Zavvi Arrow Academy 2 for 15 quid offer ended.
Stinking Kevin
Probably the one film i have watched the most,over and over again and still not bored of it.This has a great transfer,not like the normal blu ray release,worth every penny. I now have the theme tune stuck in my head!
Oh Ry In Eye Ay - Oh Ry In Eye Ay
Oh Ry In Eye Key Ooh Lay......
This used to be the level of stuff you could see at the cinema, really original stuff. Now look at it, just reboots and endless sequels.
Just as crazy as 'The adventures of baron munchause'
He invented slugs!
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