Time Carnage (PSVR/PS4) for £8 delivered @ AO

Time Carnage (PSVR/PS4) for £8 delivered @ AO

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Posted 6th Nov
Cheapest around i think

Key Features
  • Frantic VR surivival game with unique gameplay elements
  • For ages 16+ so it's not suitable for children
  • Single player gameplay only
  • PlayStation Camera & PlayStation VR headset required
  • Released on 10th April 2018

Product Overview
Travel through history and take on hordes of enemies in Time Carnage for PlayStation 4 VR. This frantic shooter has you surviving against waves of swarming enemies from across time and space, including dinosaurs, robots and zombies. To help you deal with the onslaught, you have access to a unique timed-reload mechanic for deadly efficiency and maximum style pointsce your gun’s empty, just drop it and grab a new one! Choose your preferred weapons from an armoury of 25 upgradeable firearms, and create custom loadouts to suit your playstyle as you take on the 16-level campaign, or one of the various challenge modes.

As Time Carnage is a VR game, you’ll need a PlayStation Camera and PlayStation VR headset to play it on your PlayStation 4 console.

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Where do all these VR games that I've never heard of keep coming from?
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