Time Crisis 4 + Guncon - PS3 - Pre Order  39.00  released in March

Time Crisis 4 + Guncon - PS3 - Pre Order 39.00 released in March

Found 19th Feb 2008
Is 49.99 and more every where else.

Pre Order this and save some cash.


This has already been posted.

and if you order from zavvi you will probably never get it, AVOID THEM

Zavvi are OK. They do tend to have the problem of sending you the wrong game here and there, apart from that they are pretty reliable

I've had good experiences with Zavvi, would reccomend them.

Are you sure it comes with the gun? It doesn't seem to explicitly say it does.

I doubt this is with the gun. The RRP on play.com is £69.99, reduced to £59.99 for sale, which is £20 difference to Zavvi, which suggests that Zavvi item is without a gun.

Zavvi do subtely suggest teh gun comes with it but do not say explicitly. Naughty naughty. Their RRP of £49.99 reduced to £39.99 is normal price for new release premium game, so I deffo hink without a gun.

see other post: ]http//ww…gu/

(PS It DOES come with the Gun)

it says on the description

'Includes the G-Con 3 controller, featuring dual analogue sticks to control the character's movement for the first time.'

so I guess it does include the gun
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