Time Crisis Razing Storm (Move Compatible) (PS3) - £17.85 @ Shopto
Time Crisis Razing Storm (Move Compatible) (PS3) - £17.85 @ Shopto

Time Crisis Razing Storm (Move Compatible) (PS3) - £17.85 @ Shopto

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seems like a great price its i havn't seen this sub £20 before


cheapest I have seen - is the game any good?

This game is ment to be rather crap tbh! But defo a good price! Rather tempted by it

I'm thinking the same thing. It's meant to be crap but how bad can a light gun game be?!?!

ORDERED - being going to buy this for ages - hope its not really that bad

Thanks OP

Me and the family love this game. Yes the voice acting is pretty poor (think the first Resident Evil on PSX type acting), yes the three games don't last very long (hour each), but for family laughs and amusing gameplay with two move + guns that you will play again and again, well worth the asking price.

Ordered and voted hot, how bad can it be....?

It's bloody awful, the best thing about it is that Time Crisis 4 and Deadstorm Pirates are on the same disc

It's just not the same when you aren't forking out cash to 'continue'. Was good for a short time!

Loved it and meant to return to it again and again......But not played it since xmas. Overdue a return to it.

Worth it if you already have the move controllers

Voted hot

Hot price, been eyeing this game up for ages. It's been floating around £25 for ages,

So tempted to get this, want to get a game I can just pick up and play

Thanks Op ordered

i dont think time crisis will ever be as fun as it was in the days when arcades were full of people.

Good deal but the game doesn't last long enough I have all the equipment 2 move controllers, 2 guns just for this game and it sadly didn't live up to my expectation

I think Deadstorm Pirates is the best on this collection it's cheesy but I found it very enjoyable. I felt Time Crisis Razing Storm felt like Crisis Zone rather then Time Crisis. It's worth buying if you like rail shooters.

Is the 2 player mode still really crap on this or did they fix it?

can you use the guns with this? or just move controllers?
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