Time Gentlemen, Please! (PC Game) by Zombie Cow Studios is Half Price (£1.49) until Tuesday

Time Gentlemen, Please! (PC Game) by Zombie Cow Studios is Half Price (£1.49) until Tuesday

Found 5th Nov 2009
Just enter the code MW2AAAAGES when buying to get the 50% discount

From the Developer's website:

Time Gentlemen, Please! is the sequel to 2008s Award Winning comedy adventure Ben There, Dan That!

Q: What the hell is it?
A: Its a comedy adventure game! Sit back, relax, and put your mind to work solving puzzles, and reading funny dialogue. Its like a book, only good!

Whats worse than finding out that your future evil selves have set about a series of events that wipes out all human life on the planet? Going back in time to fix things with half a mind on preventing coathangers from ever being invented, and accidentally setting up an alternate-universe Hitler with an unstoppable army of dinosaur clones instead, thats what! Whoopsie!

Q: Do I need to have played Ben There, Dan That! to enjoy Time Gentlemen, Please!?

A: Not at all! Fortunately, the first games entire, ridiculous plot can be summed up nicely in a few short sentences, so mere moments after clicking start youll be watching a sum-up and completely up to speed. Whats more, the sequel is essentially a whole new standalone story, which simply stems from the end of Ben There, Dan That!

If you want to totally get into it, its possibly a smart idea to spend a couple of hours with the original. Youll enjoy it all the more, and the original is so very very free its painful.

Q: Why the hell am I expected to pay real life money for Time Gentlemen, Please! when Ben There, Dan That! was so gloriously free? What the hell kind of money-grabbing stunt are you trying to pull?

A: Good question! The simple answer is itd be nice to have a go at making funny, funky games full time, and donationware simply doesnt bring enough cash.

In an amazing show of things going around and coming around, anyone who donated to Ben There, Dan That! prior to release has received a free copy to show my thanks for their support. Quite whether its smart business sense to give away free copies to possibly the only people who would have actually shelled out for the sequel remains to be seen.

Aside from all that, Time Gentlemen, Please! is genuinely a better game than Ben There, Dan That! It looks better, has better puzzles and plot, and its funnier. Its totally worth the cost of a pint in an overpriced London boozer.

If you enjoyed Ben There, Dan That! whatsoever, in any capacity Im confident youll enjoy Time Gentlemen, Please!, too.

Q: Is it, like, Windows only, or what?
A: Its Windows, yes. But I understand you can get it running on Linux through Wine or on a Mac through Boot Camp/ Parallels/ CrossOver - please note Im not in a position to provide tech support for running it on non-Windows machines, so check the demo before buying

Q: Does Time Gentlemen, Please! contain any naughty swears?
A: Time Gentlemen, Please! was designed and written as an adventure game for grown-ups. As such, it contains all the naughty swears, and contains adult themes. If that sort of thing isnt your cup of tea, or if youre a tiny child, TGP isnt for you


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Here's a link describing the sale on the developer's webiste: zombie-cow.com/?p=751

Hot! Forget MW2, get this!

Incredibly funny games, would be a bargain at 20x the price.

You can also try Ben There, Dan That for free by downloading from their site.
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