Timecop - 99p @ 99p Store (IN-STORE)

Timecop - 99p @ 99p Store (IN-STORE)

Found 1st May 2010Made hot 2nd May 2010
IN-STORE ONLY. Next best is £2.59 at SelectCheaper.

1994 and time travel has become a reality! The USA sets up the Time Enforcement Commission: a police force tasked to prevent criminals from tampering with the past headed by the ambitious Senator Silver. At the same time Washington policeman Max Walker is attacked by a group of hit men from the future. He survives but his wife is killed. Ten years later Walker now a Timecop finds out that Silver has been meddling in the past to gather funds to finance his presidential campaign. Walker has to return to 1994 but discovers a strange link to his own past!


worth 99p

The quality of recording was not too good - but hey 99p

good movie

Great price, even versus the 3 pack in Wall-Mart for 18 dollars: South Park reference for clueless ppl. Might check this one out as it keeps popping up.
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