Timecop DVD £1 instore at Tesco.

Timecop DVD £1 instore at Tesco.

Found 24th Jul 2009Made hot 24th Jul 2009
I like this film, good for £1. It's one of those ultra-slim cases.


Great price for a suprisingly good film...also like 'Sudden Death'...did they have that for a quid??

No they didn't but some of the other £1 specials are frickin hilarious, webought Ground Control (which has some great one liners) and the possessed which is quite possibly the funniest "horror" movie ever.

Please don't take this as a recommendation to buy but if you do buy them you won't be dissapointed

3 copys for 3 quid!!,

i bought this for the same price, also in Tesco, over a year ago. still not watched it yet though.

i bought it in sainsburys for £1 a few months back. it wasnt slimcase though, it was a normal size one.
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