Timeshift (PC) - £1.99 Delivered From ChoicesUK
Timeshift (PC) - £1.99 Delivered From ChoicesUK

Timeshift (PC) - £1.99 Delivered From ChoicesUK

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Great game at an unbelievable price.

It's listed as 'On order from supplier - dispatched on arrival', but definitely worth a punt.


thanks, i'll give it a punt for sure. i think i've finally caught my breath back after seeing the football...amaaaazing.

Played the ps3 demo, seemed allright

well worth £1.99 of anyones money.hope its not a typo:thumbsup:

ordered thanks OP.......hot for 1.99

Excellent price. Heat added. Cheers

Amazing price, hate to be the nay sayer here however, but the game is not so good! But at this price, you'd be crazy not to get it, voted hot!

Yeh I'm not expecting an amazing game, but its the same price as a Big Mac in Mcdonalds so whatever!

71/100 at metacritic. As said above, at this price it's got to be worth a go even if you're only half interested in this type of game (first-person shooter)

Will leave rep once I recieve the game

Original Poster


Will leave rep once I recieve the game

That'd be much appreciated - thanks.

Now showing as £29.99. Bargain at the original price though.

Must have been a misprice...

Ahhh we shall see, £1.99 was crazy cheap!

It now says "No Longer Available To Order". I hope they actually send mine and don't cancel it. I ordered it on thursday.

Edit: Ok, strange. So they sent me an email saying they've cancelled my order as they couldn't meet demand (I assume they means they don't want to meet demand at their obvious misprice, but whatever). No surprises there. But then a day later I get another email saying my order has been dispatched. They've also taken my money. So it's looking like I will be getting it afterall *shrugs*.

Shame, for a simple FPS with some natty features (the whole time reverse thing works really well) was an absolute steal at that price. Worth at least £5-7 of anybody's cash. Zero replayability though, aside from rewinding/fastfowarding/pausing/rewinding a kill, for example. That soon gets boring though once the novelty wears off.

anyone received it yet?

Just had the expected 'out of stock - order cancelled' email. Ah well, worth a go!

Yeah I just received an email to say their stock was exhausted. Great stock taking by them! Why sell it at 1.99 if you haven't counted the stock! Oh well, didn't have time to play i suppose!

Dear Customer,

Timeshift (PC)

Thank you for your recent order for the above title.

We are very sorry to inform you that due to very high demand, our existing stocks of this title have been exhausted. This title was a clearance line item and therefore no further stock will be received. Regrettably, your order will be cancelled in due course.

Please note that no payment has been taken for this order.

We apologise for any disappointment caused and should you have any further questions regarding your order, please contact our Customer Service Team on 0870 400 3838 or by email at ][COLOR=#003399][email protected][/COLOR]


ChoicesUK.com Customer Service Team

Basically they didn't want to sell it for £1.99...end of.

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