Timeshift (PS3) £10.39 at CD Wow
Timeshift (PS3) £10.39 at CD Wow

Timeshift (PS3) £10.39 at CD Wow

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Become the ultimate weapon with a revolutionary new suit that grants the player the ability to slow down, stop and even reverse the flow of time to destroy enemies.

After becoming drunk with power, a scientist in charge of a project to create a wearable time machine jumps back into the past to modify the timeline so that he is in charge. The player must take the military grade time suit and attempt to correct the problem. Arriving in the year 1939 they join forces with the rebels who are fighting against the rule of the new arrival.

Harnessing the full power of the Xbox 360 to render explosions both forward and backwards results in glorious bursts of light and intense gameplay. Even though the suit allows the player to manipulate time, there are still risks involved with getting into a gunfight. The odds, however, are evened if the player has energy to freeze time, steal their opponents weapon and then proceed to use it against them. The ability to use these time controlling powers in special zones online adds a whole new level to combat.

TimeShift allows players to control a whole new dimension, taking the strategy of combat to a new level.

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A good game, thought not brilliant.

The novel aspect of being able to slow down, stop or reverse moments in time helping you overcome challenges obstacles and enemies is good though a little limited and could perhaps have been better employed to make the game more of a challange. It is a few marks short of being a brilliant FPS but if you enjoy these types of games you might want to give this a try
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