Timeslip - Series 1 To 4  £10.99

Timeslip - Series 1 To 4 £10.99

Found 28th Apr 2007
Timeslip - Series 1 To 4 £10.99

The 1970's children's sci-fi series at the cheapest price I think I've ever seen it.


This series freaked me out as a kid!!! Dare I buy it......mmmmmm am tempted

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If you have a multi-region DVD player, it may be worth looking it up on the US Amazon.com site and buying the R1 version from a private Marketplace Seller, as that version has a short (20 minute?) 'documentary' made up of cast interviews that isn't on the Region 2 version.

Just stay under about $32 (£18.00 ), not including the shipping costs, in order to avoid import duties (particularly since the Royal Mail admin charge has gone up from £4 to £8.00).
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