Timmy Time 2 Piece PP Cutlery Set - £1.19 @ Amazon

Timmy Time 2 Piece PP Cutlery Set - £1.19 @ Amazon

Found 19th Nov 2010
as above x (stocking filler?)

More buying choices on the right of page

Use code TBBK2OOF to get this price (Thanks to Haylhoo)


Showing as £1.99 + £1.80 shipping for me.
If the price has changed then this is expired

Shame, would have gone lovely with another gift....

Edit: Just realised that the £1.49 price is at another link.
Here it is - amazon.co.uk/gp/…OLE

Edited by: "Haylhoo" 19th Nov 2010

Try this code for 20% off Table wear - TBBK2OOF
Worked for me, was advertised on the Amazon site!

£1.19 useing code!! hot from me

Thanks for the Amazon code - ordered a toasting fork today and also some photo coasters and got 20% off all of it - ta!
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