Timmy & Tommy Nook Amiibo £8.50 delivered @ Coolshop (Animal Crossing)

Timmy & Tommy Nook Amiibo £8.50 delivered @ Coolshop (Animal Crossing)

Found 10th Jun 2016
Arguably the cutest Animal Crossing amiibo this one? Tom Nooks kids, Timmy & Tommy Nook. When is mummy Tammy getting released I wonder to complete the racoon family?

One of the more recent Animal Crossing amiibos released this is a really good price with free delivery.

4% quidco cashback with Coolshop too (which is 34p back, it tracks quite quickly).
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I'll wait until it's sub £6.
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Oh god, they're so cute. I already filled a shelf with Amiibo and look super childish. None of the ones I picked work with that Amiibo puzzle game either, you need Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser, Donkey Kong and all the other vanilla characters.
Very cute squirrels/foxes.

Very cute squirrels/foxes.

​They're raccoons...
Delivery not the quickest, but reasonable, just came today for me and my kid loves it, very cute! If your kid is also working at Tom Nook's Home Designs this is a must have for sure.
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