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Timpson: Get Free Dry Cleaning if you're UNEMPLOYED? GOT AN INTERVIEW?
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
At Timpson we’ll help you look your best when times are tough so if you’re unemployed and going for an interview we’ll clean an outfit for you free of charge. This is available fr… Read more

All you have to do is scroll past :{


good company! (pirate)


They have to pass the town centre rent and business rates on somehow.


So when you go in and ask for a key to be cut you ask for there copy ???


Secret subsidy. Well actually brazen overcharging.

2x 2 Piece Suits Dry Cleaned for £16 @ Timpsons
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Price list for a Suit dry cleaning in Timpsons is £12 Had 2x Two piece suits requiring this. When I handed them over I was expecting the bill to come to £24.....but because I tec… Read more

Monica Lewinsky should give that a go ;)


I was impressed with Timpsons last week too. Quoted £20 by Johnsons to clean an evening dress and £8.50 at Timpsons, old stains came out too, very pleased!


66% off second suit dry cleaning. Not technically good fortune. Technically good fortune would mean I got lucky, that it was a one off.....i reckon


Not technically a deal, more good fortune i reckon.

Free Suit Dry-Cleaning for unemployed going for their interview @ Timpson
Refreshed 17th MayRefreshed 17th May
I thought this is a very good gesture from Timpson Extract below from their website At Timpson we’ll help you look your best when times are tough so if you’re unemployed and goi… Read more
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to the people asking where to find a timpsons dry cleaners I believe they are now running the dry cleaning in morrisons ...good luck with the interviews. :)


There is a real Father Christmas after all ..


Thanks a lot


It was over a month ago so its fine enjoy the heat! Always worth a reminder


Anyone taken up this offer? What was the experience like?

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Free suit dry clean for anyone unemployed going to an interview @ Timpsons
LocalLocalFound 17th Nov 2017Found 17th Nov 2017
Spotted this on Timpsons website. Thought it was a great offer for the unemployed hoping to look smart at their next interview! 'At Timpson we’ll help you look your best when time… Read more

How do they ask for proof that I'm unemployed?


Over price of all they are doing from Cutting keys, changing screen, etc. ? Many Shops are doing it for half of what they are charging ... Due to humanity ??


If anyone is looking for Laundrapp vouchers for dry cleaning or laundry I have a few £50 off vouchers, no minimum spend, one year expiry. Open to any offer/swaps. Cheers.


Good for them. Wonderful to see such generosity. :D


You cannot change the world but you can change your approach, great company :)

Timpsons are offering FREE dry cleaning of an Interview Outfit for the unemployed
LocalLocalFound 17th Jul 2017Found 17th Jul 2017
At Timpson we’ll help you look your best when times are tough so if you’re unemployed and going for an interview we’ll clean an outfit for you free of charge. This is available fr… Read more

Strange but you appeared to have been trolling and knew it was a joke. Looking at the comment there was no emoji to show this was intended to be fun. So technically looking at your posts you are.


Anyone got a story of a job as result of this offer ?


I hope they can dry clean better than they can do dog tags.


Good to see Edward doing something for the working man for once.


Well done Timpsons. Heat added.

Unemployed, got an interview - free suit dry cleaning at Timpsons
Found 14th Jan 2017Found 14th Jan 2017
Scroll down on Timpson home page for offer UNEMPLOYED? GOT AN INTERVIEW? At Timpson we’ll help you look your best when times are tough so if you’re unemployed and going for an in… Read more

I don't get why people are getting their knickers in saying this is a bad deal or timpson this and that, unemployed should pay. Its a generous thing to help those on the bones of their **** looking for work, remember a lot of ex military officers fall into this category too when they have been dumped by the MoD. I wish more retailers would make small meaningful gestures like this, would show we were a kind caring society after all.


I am as cynical as they come but this is a good thing from Timpsons.


Heat added. I've always been impressed by the service I receive in Timpson and have a lot of respect for the company giving people a chance who otherwise would be cast onto a scrapheap. As posted above - we could keep kicking people down and in a cycle of repeat offending (and the cost that brings to society as a whole) or you could give people an opportunity to kick-on and lead productive lives. Helping-out people in general trying to get into work is also a noble cause.


In today's era of corporate greed and tax avoidance it's refreshing to see a company giving something back to those in need. I for one hope I have done my last job interview and certainly hope I don't ever become unemployed, however if I was unlucky enough and this helped me find a new job I'd be grateful. Heat added.


Get stuffed. Fish face.

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FREE outfit cleaning for your interview (if unemployed) at Timpson
Found 12th Feb 2016Found 12th Feb 2016
Sweetest offer I've seen in a while. Apparently this is national. Note it says "outfit" not just "suit" so it wouldn't be limited to suits. Could have your dress cleaned up if you'… Read more
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There is more information about this offer on their website: https://www.timpson.co.uk/services/dry-cleaners/dry-cleaning-unemployed-interview


A very good thing being done by Timpson's. Should teach the likes of Tesco's a lesson or 2. Hopefully those that get a job after some Timpson's cleaning will return to them for some paid services.


I know, I was just backing you up


That was precisely my point.


I am a care worker and can 100% guarantee that agency are paid far more than non-agency, I will get nearly double pay working agency shifts than for the NHS

Free dry cleaning at Timpson for unemployed people who have interviews
Found 9th Jan 2015Found 9th Jan 2015
As per the above, Timpson are offering to dry clean unemployed people's suits for free if they need them for a job interview. Which is pretty good of them really.



Not sure but I don't think there's an end date for it. Just an ongoing thing.


What Is? Is this STILL going?


Great stuff this!


The great thing about this offer is that the company is showing social responsibility. In this system where the more you have the less you need to pay, all big companies should be the same and if they're not they should be forced to be. We live in a world where they put spikes on the floor outside selfridges to keep the homeless from bothering them and where supermarkets pour bleach on wasted food to stop starving people rooting through their bins. This is only a minor thing but it's a little antidote to things like that.

£25 for a chipped car key  at Timpsons in Metro Centre Gateshead.
Found 18th Jan 2013Found 18th Jan 2013
Just had a Ford key cut at Timpsons in Metro Centre Gateshead. £25 for a chipped car key is a bargain.
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A Ford key then ;)


Suzuki your right any key cutter can copy the key but even for a non-remote one I've never came across anyone who'd copy and programme a key for under £50.


they cloned your jag key, any key cutter does that for pretty similar money, that wouldn't have included the remote functions same with your Fords. the independent that quoted £150 was quoting for a remote, key blade & programming into the car, not just knocking one up on a bench. there is a difference between a £25 key and a £150 one! you pays your money you takes your chances!


Can't fault that......


Just got a Jaguar X-Type key £25 at Timpsons MetroCentre!! Stealer (and even independents) wanted £150 minimum so great deal!!!

Half Price Chipped Car Keys at Timpson
LocalLocalFound 23rd Apr 2012Found 23rd Apr 2012
Some Timpson stores are doing half price chipped car key cutting for a limited period. e.g. For a Citroen Saxo now just £20 instead of £40. I asked how long the offer was on, an… Read more
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Qoute - though timpson are good (if there is no other option to you) I had a ford key cut (£35) there last week and thought I had saved money, went around the corner and went into a cobbler shop who cut keys and wondered how much they charge they were ven cheaper quoting me £29-99 and this was NORMAL price offering a deal if I bought 2? This is obviously a rip off item, the dealers and there prices.. timpson and there's 'kidding' everyone "Half Price!" ask them how much for a 'Normal' house key a yale for instance? £6-00 around here! Simple answer's are - SHOP around! Qoute_ "Yes, but you are buying into the brand too. I own a BMW but a Kia would have done the same job and would be cheaper. Also, do bear in mind that Timpsons are more than likely to 'sort the key out' if it accidently bends or breaks or if it doesn't function as it should (which can happen with Immobiliser keys). Local Jonny boy won't. I don't know about their recent keys but their older keys had Timpsons engraved on them and once it got a bit bent out of shape. Took it to the local Timpsons who cut a new one for free no questions asked" ----------------------------------------------------- I tried this (after reading this) my key with "timpson" stamped on, it was bent (slightly) but not easy to put into lock, the timpson shop I called on stated - "as it was worn" would not recut for free" so they seem just the same as "Johnny-Boy"


vw keys can be done by a proper auto locksmith even the precoded ones i got mine 2010 golf key done the dealers tolld me 5 days as they had to order it from germany but i went to cartronics uk in bradford they did me one with a fob exact same key as mine within the hour! dont know if any of you are near bradford if so you can visit them http://www.cartronicsuk.com


just in case anyone's interested, just had my 59 plate fiat grande punto car key copied, it opens and starts the car, thanks op for listing :)


So can an 07 Golf be done over the counter at certain branches or is it dealer only seems to be a mixed opinion on VAG, I have the original key just want a spare in case the worse happens.


Lol@Timpson being cheap. Another user is correct - try asking the price of a Yale type key and compare to what most of the independents are charging. The prices seem to differ depending who's operating the Timpson shop at the time too!!! The Timpson near me charges a fiver for a Yale key or two for seven fifty, my local cobbler charges £3.25 per key and it's still cheaper by a quid to get two cut without any 'Special Deals' People are always moaning about the death of town centres, villages and small businesses. Stop bloody moaning and do your bit to support your small independent and your community! You get much better service imo as the independent will be keen to keep your custom as he doesn't get paid a wage regardless. In order of expense for car keys: 1) Main dealer £££££ 2)Timpson ££££ 3)Independent ££