Tinie Tempah: My Story So Far (Book - Hard Cover) - £6.15 Delivered @ Amazon

Tinie Tempah: My Story So Far (Book - Hard Cover) - £6.15 Delivered @ Amazon

Found 30th Nov 2011
Great present, perfect for tinie tempah fans!

£8.39+ else where.. £14.99 from tinie tempah's webstore.

£8.39 @ Play.com
£8.99 @ Waterstones
£10.00 @ HMV

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Cheapest yet cold.. -.-

loved to see the reason why.

Cheapest yet cold.. -.-loved to see the reason why.

Agree with you. Great price, new book, all good. Not my cup of tea, but still voted hot. And worth points for the review online!!!

The greatest story ever told?, 28 Nov 2011
By Chimera "Monkeyman" (London)
This review is from: Tinie Tempah: My Story So Far (Hardcover)
Let me be clear. I have read the works of Shakespeare, of Chaucer; of Milton and of Dostoevsky. I have been enraptured by the timeless message thus spake' Zarathustra; and of Plato's Republic. I have heeded the call of all Prophets of God, and their disciples among the world's faithful. None of these experiences prepared me for the symphony of prose that was Tinie Tempah's "My Story So Far".

Clearly a Stoic of grandiose Odesseyan proportion, Tinie begins his memoirs by outlining that he is certainly no post-structuralist. "Let me start at the very, very beginning", he writes; as if to remind the reader that cosmic teleology is certainly not dead. A Foucaldian triumph, whilst agonisingly paradoxically remaining well and truly Zizekian.

""Guys, I'll be back in a minute". Then I put my pen down and ran out of the room". Such is the world which Tinie Tempah wishes to convey - one where time, space and the will to power coalesce in the urban sprawl which is Peckham. Ever the humble soul, Tempah certainly owes a debt to late 20th century art - as he himself testifies to by claiming that he was "inspired by the film Space Jam".

All in all, a mountain of hubris and melancholy - not to be missed by all those wishing to split the rocks of ignorance which obscure the light of knowledge and truth.
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