Tinkerbell - See Film First
Tinkerbell - See Film First

Tinkerbell - See Film First

Sunday 9th Nov 10.30am

code - 193806 or 789990


You can actually get up to 4 tickets for this one.

Locations -
Liverpool Cineworld
Middlesborough Cineworld
Cardiff Cineworld
West India Quay Cineworld
Glasgow Cineworld

There are not any for Liverpool but fingers crossed some of you can get some for the other locations!



thought this was a straight to DVD release?!

Original Poster

Maybe but it would appear to be showing in some cinemas... Maybe it's to encourage some word of mouth for the DVD!

EDIT - Being released straight to DVD: Monday 10 November 2008

yeah, kinda weird though

none for glasgow :x

no tinkerbell near me. good freebie. hot vote from me.


nothing near for me as well:x voted hot

heat added, nadda for me though

We hmm have a dvd of this and if a film could be rated as Cute then it would be this one...
fantastic my girls love it. and me too !!!!:thumbsup:

Free is free, so not overly concerned if straight to DVD or not.

However, all locations are now full up, so good post (Heat added) and am going to expire, if it lets me :thinking:

Looking forward to the next code - free day out for me and the kids!

]Chatmandu - please try not to create duplicate merchants for those already in thelist... thanks.
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