Tiny Brains game for FREE (PS3 & PS4) GLITCH @PlayStation Store

Tiny Brains game for FREE (PS3 & PS4) GLITCH @PlayStation Store

Found 30th Sep 2016

Click the link and it should take the to the PS Store home page. Type into the search bar "tiny brains" and 4 games should pop up. First add and confirm the PS3 demo (timed trial on search results page), then click on the PS4 game and also add that demo (click on the main game and under add to basket should be a download demo option), then go back to the search results page and you should see the PS3 full game upgrade drop to 0.00, go add it to your basket and confirm at checkout, you will also automatically recieve the PS4 version as part off cross buy.

Enjoy playing your free game

You can also click this direct search link but it could not work depending on your region, this glitch works on all regions as long as the game is in your region, the link below is for the UK region but with others just go the home page that i put in the deal link and search for the game.
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Can confirm worked for me , thanks.
omfg it worked, thanks
Worked here, thank you!
Hats off !!! don't know how you found that but WELL DONE :') we need more serious free games
worked like a charm cheers
worked for me, great find
worked for me, brilliant
Thanks worked
Waiting to Download

Oh wow... it actually worked. Thanks OP!

Have no idea what the game is about...
wow don't know how you found out about that but works as described . thankyou
Added thanks.
Worked. Thanks. Heat added.
yep worked
Worked for me too. Thanks very much!
Heat OP!

I'm never gonna play it but can confirm that you instructions work a treat.

Many thanks for sharing
Dunno what the game is, but this worked perfectly so will soon find out.

Omg! Thank you! Great!!
Wow! It worked! How on earth did you figure this out??
Good well written description by the way
Wow thanks downloading to ps4 right now
think they have fixed it?
thanks just done it, still working
Sorry got it to work....!!!

must follow the instructions... add each game to basket in order all free... eventually ps4 version is free!

Nice spot how the hell did you work that out, it worked for me downloading now. Heat.
Worked for me. Thank you for sharing it with us!
good spot op. don't starve had this same glitch a while ago.
Worked. Cheers.

I'm always amazed how people find these sort of things out.
Worked a treat thanks, heat up!!
Thanks OP

Sony never learns. This glitch has worked with a few games in the past.
Telling me "your net eligible to download this content."
I'm getting the not eligible message too.
It didn't work for me.
seems to have been fixed now
got it thanks!
Hmm.. Annoying, still not working for me.
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